15 Ways to Travel and Make Money – How to Earn Money on the Run?

To all the curious birds out there who want to fly and explore the world, this one’s for you to start planning your travel and make money on the way!

Whatever you’re making in your single ‘9 to 5’ job right now, I’m sure it can barely cover a trip or two in the next year. But… that doesn’t mean you have to wait until you retire to have enough money in your savings.

There are so many ways to travel and make money, depending on what kind of traveler you are, or want to be. 

Travelers can range from being a β€˜long-term expat’, to a β€˜digital nomad’ or even a β€˜quick backpacker’. Whatever you are seeking, you need to know that:

Majority of travelers, if not all of them, don’t rely solely on one source of income.

A few dollars here and there actually add up to a comfortable traveling budget. And maybe if you become a bit more invested, then this could become a money-making lifestyle!

So, based on tips from experts, here are 15 ways to travel and make money:

1. Become an Influencer

By using Instagram, TikTok, Youtube or any other trending platform, you can begin your influential journey. All you need to do is find your niche and start reaching out to the people you target.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?
Definitely doesn’t happen overnight…

You need to know that it’s not about the number of followers you have, it’s about how effective your voice can be.

Can you influence your audience to like, use, hate, or replace something?

Even though it seems that everyone suddenly became a social media figure, it did take them some dedication to their page. Maybe a little bit of luck as well. It’s the posts that you never expect that could get you there.

Once you do, you can travel and make money promoting brands, events, or even countries!

They may not reach out to you, but you can do your digging and offer your services to them, that’s how influencers make money on Instagram.

2. Seasonal Fruit Picking

I swear it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds. These jobs can be found all over Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe.

Well, unless you’re planning on camping in the middle of a desert… Β Then you can skip this one.

But fruit picking is a high-paying seasonal job that can become a profitable plan on your touristic agenda. You just need to be okay with getting your hands dirty.

Not only will you be experiencing a new culture with the local farmers, but you’ll also enjoy the taste of the freshest fruits! Plus, a little bit of physical effort can help you balance out those added sugar calories.

If you’re wondering how much fruit pickers earn around the world, it could vary upon your negotiation with the farmers. Some people settle for food and shelter, but many farms do offer a decent pay. Β 

You can find different opportunities to travel and make money as a fruit picker on Hallhunter and FarmJobSearch.

3. Bartending or Waitering

If you’re reminiscing about all the tips you got on your first job as a waiter, might as well do it while you’re on vacation!

Bars usually need extra people during peak hours or weekends. That’s why they always hire β€˜casual’ employees who get paid on a daily basis, which is perfect if you’re planning on becoming a traveling bartender!

You’ll be able to spend most of your time at your destination relaxing and exploring rather than slaving away at a desk all day.

Bartenders and waiters are among the most sought-after seasonal workers in the world. It’s preferable to prepare your working holiday visa if you’re planning a long trip. If you don’t, you will still probably find someone willing to pay you sub-rosa.

All you have to do is go up to any restaurant or bar in a touristic area, preferably nearby you, and ask if they need an extra hand. Be sure to brush up on your language skills before approaching the boss about a job, it’s definitely a plus!

4. Become a Digital Nomad/Freelancer

Both have the same concept: freedom of movement while working online.

Digital Nomads travel on a regular basis while working remotely in coffee shops, hostels, or any place they find on the way.

On the other hand, a Freelancer is a self-employed or independent contractor who can travel while working but choose a more stable life with a long-term house or office. Β 

So, it’s up to you whether you want to work for companies remotely, or become an entrepreneur with an online based business. (There are plenty of easy to use SaaS nowadays to help you build and run your own startup wherever you are, such as FreshBooks accounting software)

Plus, the pandemic has not only increased the number of nomads, but created an emerging trend in the global migration: The Digital Nomad Visa.

So, please stop wasting time on ‘which bird are you’ personality tests, and check out which visa would suit you the most through the Visa Wizard.

After you find out where you plan on going, you can check out Nomadlist to see potential destination features; like how much does a beer cost there? Which taxi app should you use? What are the pros and cons?

5. House-Sitting

Why are you still paying for accommodation though? Hit two birds in one stone by getting paid to stay at someone’s house!

Some of you may not be familiar with the term ‘house-sitting’. But it’s basically maintaining someone’s house, animals, and maybe plants while they’re gone. I know it sounds a bit sketchy; how do these people trust a stranger with their house? And is it safe to stay in theirs?

Well, if you’re wondering how to become a house sitter, popular house sitting websites are there to verify users and assure safety and security of both ends. You never know, maybe you’ll end up getting paid to stay in a triple story villa with a pool and jacuzzi.

6. Join a Work Exchange Program

Speaking of free accommodation… You can work your way around the world in exchange for somewhere to stay.

Can you make money on a work exchange? Depending on the program, most probably you will not earn actual cash, but you do get plenty of benefits that could cover almost all your expenses.

The work can vary from volunteering in a hostel to building an eco-project, so whatever skills you have, you’ll find something that suits you on sites like WorldPackers and HelpX.

This is also the best solution for those who can’t find a proper partner to have adventures with. Not only does it offer you security as a solo traveler in a foreign environment, but you’ll meet so many people with things in common.

7. Get into Modelling

You may not be β€˜model material’ at your hometown, but some countries look for foreigners to promote an edgy exotic look for their brand.

You can promote yourself on social media or get in contact with modeling agencies in the destination you plan to visit.

If you’re lucky enough, you might just have to walk the streets and get caught. Yep, that’s right, so many stories circling around photographers and agents hunting for their models in the most random places.

The good news is, that we’re living in a generation with no such thing as a β€˜standard’ to being a model. Each body has a place to fit in.

8. Create a Blog

This would actually require time to build and make proper money. But if you’re passionate about writing, then it’s definitely worth the while.

The trick here is to get into a profitable niche.

Of course, you should enjoy what you’re writing! But I mean, what’s the point of blogging about something nobody cares about? Find content that will win some loyal readers.

After that, how can you make money from a blog? You can easily join ad networks, create affiliate links, or market online products and services. Start off with Google AdSense for example, nearly anyone can join. Β 

It’s the best of both worlds if you’re a freelancer as well, then you can use the blog as a lead mechanism to expand your client base!

To be fair, travel blogs are a hit or miss. But worst-case scenario, you would have at least documented your wild adventures somewhere for your mum to check out.


9. Work on a Cruise Ship

As long as you don’t get seasick, this is the money-making adventure you should be looking for. If you’re wondering how much money you can make on a cruise ship, I can tell you, it’s not little.

The good news is, there’s a chance for almost everyone to travel and make money on a cruise ship. Are you in the tourism industry? Medical field? Engineer or marine perhaps?

Get on board because they want it all! Travel the world with all inclusive room, food and health services. There is almost no living expenses to endure, so you’ll end up saving most of your income.

Obviously, it’s not all fun and games. Cruise ships are known for hectic work and long hours. But who doesn’t want to sleep to the sound of the sea and wake up in a different country?

It’s a long ride as well, so you’ll get the opportunity to meet so many people from all over the world.

10. Promote your Photography

You may need more than your smart phone for this one.

After recording all your adventures, there’s plenty of stock image websites that will pay for your videos and photos.

But it’s a tough competition. So, if you have not invested on your skills and gear, then it will not be a significant source of cash.

However, if you’re good at what you do, offer your services to entertainment centers or performing bands. You might end up with a one-time gig or a part-time job, along with a free pass to the show!

There are so many ways to travel and make money as a photographer. You can inspire others with pictures and details of your journey on Alike. Then you’ll earn a cash reward every time a person books something from your posted trip.

11. Teach a Language

You can find teaching opportunities worldwide, whether you have a certification or not. People are always eager to learn different languages. As long as you have the fluency and patience for it.

There’s a high demand for English, so having a TEFL qualification will give you an easier head start.

You can check out educational institutions in the destination or have a more flexible job with online platforms such as VIPKid or Dave’s ESL Cafe.

12. Show off your Talent

Stop using your guitar to impress your crush and start finding some paying customers instead.

Just as there are platforms for teaching languages, there are many sites for talented artists to give singing, dancing or instrumental classes.

Find hiring institutions in the destination your going to or just carry your laptop with you and do online classes wherever you go.

What do people love more than meeting interesting tourists? Learning a thing or two from the artistic ones!

If you’re into the spotlight, might as well become a street performer, just make sure its legal wherever you’re heading. There are many countries you can travel and make money in as a street performer.

13. Create Workout Sessions

It’s definitely a competitive field nowadays, but if you’re into the fitness lifestyle, you might as well make the most out of it.

Especially for those who enjoy socializing and bringing people together, what’s stopping you from organizing an active event for the locals and tourists? Build a community, find the location, and promote your β€œsunset yoga by the beach” event.

14. Scuba-diving and Surfing

For the aqua adventurers, this one’s for you. Intrigued by the beauty of the underwater world, amateurs are just as eager to get their feet wet as the pros.

Many surfer instructors do it as a side job. You could ask to join them or just go up to the newbies on the beach and offer a few pointers.

As for scuba-diving, you definitely need to be certified. If you haven’t decided on your destination, set up your profile on DiveZone and see if anyone is interested. If you got any attention, book your flight and go!

Going diving can be a bit pricey, so this way, you’ll get paid doing something expensively fun.

15. Delivering Packages

You’d be surprised with the amount of people who prefer dealing with travelers, and pay half the amount they would to a shipping company.

So if you have extra room in your luggage, might as well help people out and make some money out of it.

Some sites such as Grabr will require you to buy the product, and then you’ll get a percentage of the cost as a reward. Or get in touch with people on PiggyBee, where you deliver items from one person to another, and get paid according to the size of it.

Now Are you Ready to Travel and Make Money?

Nobody said it was easy, but you got to start somewhere. Some ways are definitely faster than others, but majority of them relies heavily on your skills and commitment.

Plus, when you’re on the run, having multiple sources of income means you’ll have more money to spend and less finances to stress about.

On a side note, a friend of mine got into a serious car crash back in May. He works for a company that was more than nice enough to give him a 6-months medical leave. Fully paid in advance!

I’m pretty sure that advancement turned him into some kind of Superman, because he remarkably (and thankfully) recovered within a month.

Now he’s lying on a beach somewhere in Cyprus with his dog Bear, planning trips for the rest of the 120 days of vacation.
10/10 do not recommend getting into a car crash. But the world does give and take.

Anyway, if it was that simple to travel the world, you’d see everyone living life, sipping on their piΓ±a coladas in a private bungalow.

Not impossible though… Many people have shown that it can be accomplished. There are a plethora of motivational stories and active full-time traveler communities to connect with on the internet.
At the end of the day, keep in mind that if you’re good at something, don’t do it for free!