About Us

Why we are building FinanceMag7

Shopify/WooCommerce made setting up an online store super easy. Then, came along Facebook and Google Ads with targeted advertising. Now Direct to Customer (D2C) business is growing exponentially.

However for an eCommerce startup there are many decisions to be made with regards to Analytics, Marketing, Finance and Sourcing. Most of the time eCommerce startups are backed by Solopreneurs without access to anyone else.

FinanceMag7 will try to provide easy how-to Guides and Reviews for the most popular and promising tools/services in eCommerce Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Financing (Both traditional and alternative) and Sourcing/Marketplace tools.

Digital Native Vertical Brands

We hope to provide you with all the tools to cut out the middleman. Allow you, solopreneur, to focus on your product by providing concise and accurate answers to your most important questions.  

We value your time!

About Author

All of the content on this site is product of diligent research and writing provided by the excellent writers at valarpublishing.com. For any inquiries you can reach out to them directly at hello (@) valarpublishing.com .