How to Manage Clients on FreshBooks?

With easy payments and professional invoices, you can create a seamless experience for your Clients using FreshBooks.First of all, learn How to Add a Client on FreshBooks in order to start managing their bills and dues. On the FreshBooks app, you can only see your Clients list and edit their information. So if you need … Read more

How to Add a Client on FreshBooks?

Being a small business requires a lot of effort to earn that loyal customer base. With FreshBooks, you can impress your Client with professional documents while keeping tabs on their bills and dues. Any individual or business paying you for your services can be added to your FreshBooks in order to facilitate transactions for all … Read more

How to Use FreshBooks: For Team Members

If you landed here, that means you officially got an invitation from your boss to become part of their Team Members on FreshBooks! It’s not always easy to work with a team, especially if you do not have the proper tools to keep things clear and organized. That is why small businesses and startups are … Read more

How to Add a Team Member on FreshBooks?

Whatever business you are running, it’s not easy doing it solo. Whether you have a manager, employee, or accountant, FreshBooks allows you to add any Team Member to gain access and facilitate the communication process. When you’re working with a team, having the right tools is essential to keep everyone in the loop. A loop … Read more

How to Manage Projects on FreshBooks?

Working on Projects require a lot of effort, but it doesn’t necessarily mean drowning in paperwork. FreshBooks allows you to shift your focus from manual finances and reports to actually building your overall business. Create your Projects, collaborate with your team, and easily keep track of the profitability. First of all, learn How to Create … Read more

How to Create a Project on FreshBooks?

Starting out your business with a client or two can seem easy to handle without any help. But once you start juggling between several clients and their demands, you will need more than a to-do list. A Project can become more efficient and profitable when managed properly, which is one of the useful features on … Read more

How to Manage Retainers on FreshBooks?

It is usually difficult to plan your finances when time is unpredictable, but both aspects can be managed more efficiently with Retainers on FreshBooks. Bill your clients with a fixed amount and keep track of how much time you spend on the job. What if a project takes longer than anticipated? No problem, you can … Read more

What’s a Retainer on FreshBooks?

If you’re looking for a way to manage your income without having to run after your clients, then a Retainer is your way to go. This feature on FreshBooks allows you to send recurring invoices in order to stabilize your revenue and easily receive payments. With Retainers, freelancing on big projects will not have you … Read more

What’s Time Tracking on FreshBooks?

No, we’re not talking about setting alarms and to-do lists. Time Tracking is a feature on FreshBooks that allows you to record and manage the hours spent on a job or project. Are you a freelance lawyer? A website creator? Private math tutor? Whatever your business is, your time is money, and FreshBooks is there … Read more