Where to Find Best Artificial Grass for Your Home in the UK?

Best Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is made of synthetics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. Read about Best Artificial Grass in the UK.


Have you ever visited a friend who always has well maintained lawn or backyard? Or someone you know always has highly maintained grass beside their pool? Well to your surprise they do not maintain their grass at all as they have installed an artificial grass or artificial turf. Artificial grass eliminates the maintenance hustle, water wastage, water bills, and cutting expenses. They come in different shapes, colours, and sizes, choosing according to your desire.

Artificial grass is made of synthetics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. Among these nylon is used for making grass blades. You will find various types of grasses in the market including hard and harsh to soft and gentle one. These grasses are pet and children friendly that means you do no need to worry about the infection or other consequences. Experts suggest different materials of different settings and installation of artificial grass. Artificial grass is also used in playgrounds as an artificial turf to do justice to all players across the globe.

This grass is weather tolerant and does not get slippery or out of order during rain, summer, or other harsh conditions. It does not soak water instead remove it out of small holes specified for this purpose. Artificial grass transforms any area into luxurious appearance. Below is a list of top ten types of artificial grasses in United Kingdom across various stores. You can visit store for the respective grass type or browse through their website for multiple choice options. This variety is basically provided to give you vast range of information and direction of what to buy and where to buy collectively without wasting much of your time.

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Pile height of 33MM with Widths available in of both 2m and 4m and available in medium colour, TUDA LUXURY is having about all the desired demands of customers. This grass is available in about 68 custom sizes and comes in very competitive price also.  This is child as well as animal friendly making it more worthy. This is also having drainage holes so it is also water resistant. This grass is made by UV resistant material and also having guarantee over fading.



Available in medium colour and height of 26 MM, TUDA BERLIN is quite thin but the cheapest option for those whose main concern is the price. This is available for free delivery as well as free samples are also provided prior. This grass is cheap but is UV and water resistant and also pet friendly. TUDA BERLIN is available in 48 custom sizes. As very thin this is very easy to cut it in different sizes. Having good things this grass is not available with guarantee.



This good product is from Wicks, available in 27 MM height and this is in dark colour. This grass is available for £115.96 / 4M² very expensive but with free delivery and also doesn’t give free samples prior. This grass is 27 MM height but looks thick and this is also pet and child friendly. As Namgrass is holding a good position in the market is offering warranty for 10 years. This grass shows the shortness of its blades seems looking nice. The grass is available only 4m fixed roll and no custom size is available for this grass.


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Available in medium colour this grass looks thick like natural grass because of its straight and curly piles and available in cost of £144.00 / 8M². This grass is about 30 MM of height with UV protection. The good thing about the product is its 45 days return policy. This grass is made up from perforated rubber and very easy to be cut this one is available in 8m squared multiples only and no custom sizes are available. By the way with all of its good things this product doesn’t hold good customer service ratings unfortunately. 



With pile height of 30 MM and looks so realistic its availability is in medium colour Nomow is for cost of £78.96 / 4M² with £3.95 delivery charges. Homebase is not offering any UV protection so it may fade away after a while. The grass is having rubber back that makes it tough and built in weed membrane with pins for fixation as well that makes it very easy to install. This grass is delivered to the customer in given time slot. This is also having drainage holes and very hard to tear easily. Apart from all its good things this is available for 4m widths only. nomow.uk/?s=30mm


With pile height 25 MM this grass is available in light colour. It costs only £53.98 / 2M² with free delivery and also having 10 years of warranty of this product. This product is also having 14 days return policy and this is good for those who prefer shorter grass as it is having short blades which gives it neat look. It has protection against fading and shortfalls also. This grass is also animal and child friendly and is made up from curving fibre so it is bouncing. This grass s also having UV warranty. This grass is available in fix size of 2m and no custom sizing is available for it. 


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Parkgate is in 37mm height and available in medium colour. It costs £19.99 / 1M² with delivery charges tallest grass is suitable for those who likes long and thick lawns. This grass is having UV resistance and protection from fading. This grass is available is customizable sizing and really suitable for lawns as it makes them bouncy. This is child friendly. This is not only suitable for lawns and balconies but also for areas that are responsible to extend indoor to outside. It provides very amazing underfoot experience. This is not available in custom sizing only available but home measuring service is there to be provided.


Realistic Artificial Grass Turf 1.25″

Available for approximately £76.77 on eBay and it about height of 5′ x 10′. This does not cost extra shipping charges. There is no return policy for this product. This is available in olive green colour and made up from Polyethylene and Polypropylene thus make it synthetic grass. This is thick and also soft to touch. This is also safe for child and pet as well. This grass is also eco-friendly. Drainage holes are also present in the product. This is also UV resistant and protected from fading as well. As this grass is made from nontoxic material so it is very safe foe human skin.


Artificial Turf Grass Carpet GOLF

This grass is available in length of 100 cm and width of 200 cm. it costs about £41.40- and 30-days refund policy is there for customers not only that 24 months of warranty is also offered. This is available in green colour and in all sizes also. This grass is made up from Polypropylene. This grass is really suitable for balcony, garden, terrace, swimming pool, shop window, mass events, just like carpet flooring. Its total weight is about 1550 g/m2. This is also temperature and UV resistant and also drainage for water is available.


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3.3/6.6FT Artificial Turf Lawn Synthetic Grass

This is a summer grass and available for cost £24.43 in size of 3.3FT/6.6FT and colour green. This product is available in optional sizing. The grass is about 3 cm of length and it is good and suitable for both indoor and outdoor. This is thick, realist and very soft to touch. Drainage holes are also present. Lawn tape or landscape staples are required to fix this grass. This grass is completely eco-friendly and also having protection against UV and fading. 



Buying artificial grass does not mean you have to install it for once in a life time, like any other thing in the world, this grass also requires some maintenance but not as much the original grass. For installing the artificial grass you need some adhesive glue, or self-adhesive tape, membrane, pet odour removal in case you have pets at home.

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