Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100 – Buyer Guide to Best Products

Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100

Markets are overloaded with diverse types of Bluetooth speakers with variant specialties. Read about “Best Bluetooth Speakers Under $100”


Removing the haste of plugging in your speakers and bringing a plug outlet at every event you organize. Bluetooth speakers are not a new thing in 2021; they travel a long way to be at this stage of demand. Markets are overloaded with diverse types of Bluetooth speakers with variant specialties. But you do not need to settle for the higher prices when below $100 is here to serve you as best as the expensive Bluetooth speaker. I’ve searched and presented the top ten classic Bluetooth speakers with unique specifications to facilitate clients in searching for a genuine and long-lasting product.

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TribitStormbox Micro

A huge surprise fitted in a tiny little box. A portable model ready to entertain you on your way to your destination. Keep this with you which costs rightly under $100. This Bluetooth speaker fits easily in your pocket so be free from the hustle of finding its fitting spot. It has a USB charger as well as a dust and waterproof system which supports stereo-pairing mode. This is the top-listed Bluetooth speaker to pick for you. TribitStormbox Micro is cheaper but base boosted speaker under budget. Listening to music with closed eyes on full volume would surely lad you into a new world. 

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Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation)

Bluetooth Speaker with Wi-Fi and touch screen display. It’s the best one to pick for today’s generation. Google Nest Hub provides good sound quality with sleep sensing tech and enables the user to have Google streaming. This device doesn’t support calls or a camera for selfies, but it supports many more features which make you feel worth it. Google nest hub requires a separate app for making audio calls. Google Nest Hub has an amazing feature of telling your sleep duration. You can pause and resume the track by showing your palm. Same Bluetooth speakers would be costly if brought from amazon Eco Show but it is available for under $100 on Disney Plus. 

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JBL Go 3

Amazing soap-sized Bluetooth speaker with long battery life. It comes with a water and dustproof system and has a USB charger. JBH Go doesn’t provide the feature of Wi-Fi and Google service but will surely amaze you with its sound quality and provides at least 5 hours of playtime with a single charge. It requires only 2 hours to fully charge and gives you the best time to celebrate. It has the defect of poor battery life and doesn’t have a durable finish but JBL Go 3 gives you more volume with a fuller base with sensible trebles. It is cuter than the original speaker due to its rope style.

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Audio Pro Addon T5

A stylish Bluetooth speaker with the feature of multiple room audio service. It is not waterproof and portable though but creates different dimensions and has a good sense of timing. T5 doesn’t support the built-in battery that’s why it is not portable. T5 is the best speaker under $100 which also helps in charging your mobile. USB can’t be used for playback but you can plug in a Google Cast device. T5 provides the best sound quality with an amazing base that you’ll end up nodding your head with the beat. 

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JBL Link Portable

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker with expensive sound providing the feature of multi-room and Wi-Fi connection. Once you buy, you’ll surely be amazed at the features of JBL Link Portable. This classical portable speaker is now available for $99.99 at most big retailers. It also assists the Bluetooth streaming with a dedicated top button that will call on Google Assistant. It comes in upscale fabric wrapping. This JBL Portable provides a ton of features and a mixture of everything. It can be the best Bluetooth speaker now available for under $100. 

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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation)

An amazing Bluetooth smart speaker on budget with the feature of a voice assistant called Alexa to play your favorite track. It can be connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The sound is clear and solid with the improved capabilities of Alexa but its intelligence is limited. Echo Dot 3rd generation is the most budgeted way to bring Alexa. It is not very portable but Amazon claims it to be 70% louder in volume than previous versions. Echo Dot is included in Bluetooth speakers under $100 which support expensive sound quality, full-bodied voices, and smooth treble.

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JBL Go 2

A tine speaker with serious bargain supporting amazing sound quality with 5 hours of battery time. It is waterproof but does not support a Wi-Fi connection. This tiny JBL speaker is the best choice to buy under $100. It is highly portable with eye-popping colors and good sound quality in a tiny size. In Short, it is a huge pack in a tiny size. If sound and style are in your priorities then this is the thing you’re looking for. It is not expensive at all and you get to enjoy a lot under $100.

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JBL Flip 5

A Bluetooth speaker with superb sound. It might lake features but provides a solid base and timing with a surprisingly great sense of acoustics. This Bluetooth speaker is party boosted for multi-connection and featuring stereo pairing and many textures in audio. JBL Flip 5 is waterproof and floats, so it can easily be found if falls in a swimming pool or somewhere else. It does not support the microphone and aux-in port. If it doesn’t bother you then this is the best Bluetooth speaker for you to pick. It is available for under $100 if brought from a most major online retailer

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Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation

The most compelling and affordable way of choosing Alexa. This Bluetooth speaker provides the Alexa feature for you to enjoy your favorite track. It has Bluetooth as well as a Wi-Fi connection. It doesn’t provide the JBL connection support but you get to enjoy the expensive sound with an amazing base under$100. Its appearance is like a little Magic 8-Ball. This Echo Dot has enhanced the Alexa feature and now the responses are quicker and clear as compared to the 3rd generation. The sonic performance is also enhanced and you won’t find better performance anywhere else.

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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

The solid little Bluetooth speaker with big battery time. It only requires 2 to 3 hours to fully charge and can be used almost for 13 hours continuously with one charge. It is a great choice for you under $100. Wonderboom 2 is punchy and comes with an entertaining sound system and a large and heavy base. These speakers do not have Wi-Fi service and also don’t support hands-free calls. Wonderboom 2 is also waterproof and floats so it won’t drown and can easily be found. It is 10cm tall and offers impressive sound and bass. Wonderboom 2 is ultimately the best choice to pick under$100 as it has amazing battery life, a small size with a ton of features, and impressive sound quality.

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Among all these under $100 Bluetooth speakers, the best one depends upon your requirements. From partying students to grown-up adults to saddened youth, it all depends on which sort of bass you need, volume, running time, and so on. Besides these, I would recommend using any of the first three presented in the list above.

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