Top Sites to Buy Best Electric Bikes under £500 in 2021

Best Electric Bikes under £500

Electric bikes or e-bikes are new trends across the world. Read about sites where you can “Best Electric Bikes under £500” in details.


Traces of electric bikes are found in the 1850s when Ogden Bolton Jr. generated an electrically powered two-wheeled cycle with DC. Later in that century, Giant Lafree restructured H.W. Libbey’s electric bicycle which used a double electric motor to propel. Recent construction companies use NiMH and NiCd-based batteries whereas cheaper e-bikes might use lead-acid batteries. 

Electric bikes or e-bikes are new trends across the world. Many 1st world countries have switched from automobiles and motorcycles to e-bikes instead of a simple bicycle. Many countries have their own classifications for what constitutes a two-wheeled motor-operated ride as an e-bike or motorcycle.

E-bikes not only reduce hustle to peddle traditional bicycle instead they minimize pollution that is caused by motorcycles or automobiles. Many countries have installed charging points for e-bikes to promote e-bike usage. The charging cord might be expensive but in the long run, e-bikes are one of the best investments on you, your nation, and global pollution reduction campaigns.

A usual e-bike will travel up to 25Km per hour to 45 Km per hour depending upon the type of battery and motors they use. E-bikes are slightly expensive than other bikes but worth your money. One might picture a heavy motorcycled look for an e-bike but in reality, these bikes are similar to bicycles and not at all heavy. These bikes have proved to increase health quality in the users especially in those who had some physical injuries. Research has proved that e-bike riders are less prone to dangerously interact with motorized vehicles.

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Below is the list of websites that deliver Best Electric Bikes under £500.

Hybrid Electric Bike at Halfords

Halfords have plenty of e-bike varieties. You can have their sale offers to save costs up to 100 pounds. Currently, their amazing e-bikes are on sale mostly. Hybrid bikes are expensive than a pedal-only e-bike, so don’t waste this amazing opportunity to get your e-bike. Click on the link below to order away from the top trusted online e-bike store. 


It was previously selling on 599 pounds but now the price has reduced 100 pounds resulting in only 499 pounds of your money. You can have it at your doorstep through an online home delivery service or visit in-store items to grab yours. The colour scheme and durability will hold you to buy this now. This website allows you to pay a little amount every month to not overload your pocket with the heavy expense. 

Hitway Electric Bike  at  Amazon

The foldable electric bike is made of aluminum for only £399 with a £25 amazon gift card. A motor of 250 watts with alloy tires and a 120 KG payload is one of the key features of this bike. The plus point is that it has adjustable seat according to your height and preferences. The bike comes with batteries and disc brake types.

The manufacturer has positive reviews from previous customers, which makes the store reliable. Use the below link to place your order before it gets out of stock. 

Speedrid Mountain Electric Bike at MountainBikers

26 inches fat tire bike in the cheapest price ever. Given below is the referring link for your assistance. You can also browse their website because they have a lot of amazing cheap bikes. This website delivers to multiple countries including the UK. 


City Electric Bike at Stardrive

Price offer like never before, get the city electric bike in just 399 pounds. Stark bikes offer you stark drive city electric bike with 250w 9Ah  battery of 60km capacity coupled with USB charging facility and light as well as horn specifications. 

You should choose between the white or black color of the bike. The optional specifications include rear shocks, cruise control + throttle, rear cargo rack, 5-speed bike computer, cargo bag, lock, 750w rad upgrade, add fat tire, rear light, and2 year warranty upgrade.

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Torpedo E-Bike at Wallmart

Wallmart is now racing with other tech stores by offering e-bike for only $498. This link will direct you to the e-bike for only $498. 498 USD equals 360 pounds which are really cheap of its own. Choose among the available colours and it is recommended to add a wall-mart protection plan of three or four years in just 42 and 55 pounds respectively i-e in a total of 402 or 415 pounds of the expense of worth value.


7 Speed Electric Bike at Alibaba

Fat tire electric snow bike with the cheapest price available at Alibaba. You can buy it for your partner as well. The price is only 449 dollars that means only 325.68 Pounds. If you are seeking to start your own business of selling e-bikes, this store is best suggested to you as they offer the best wholesale rates. 


Pedal Assist Electric Bike at NewsNow

The pedal assists electric bike is available at News Now for just £500. One e-bike is for £500 and orders away two bikes for just £900, an amazing discount offer like never before. This store has much more amazing bikes within 500 pounds that you will rarely find at one store. 


Grab your e-bike today by heading over to this link before it gets out of stock. Don’t worry if you do not have enough money to spend now, you can wait further if not an emergency as this store keeps filling the empty places with new amazing in-budget priced items. You can turn e-mail notifications on by subscribing to their newsletter.

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E-Bike Hybrid at e-bay

With free international shipping, e-bay provides low prices quality e-bike.


You will be asked to pay before receiving an order. The seller will ship your order after payment confirmation. As e-bay is a trusted online store, they offer 30 days return policy, but the customer pays for the return expenses. 

The store provides to filter your e-bike search on battery, brake, wheel size, and categories like a mountain bike, folding bike, city bike, or cargo bike.

Electric Bike at Target 

Target store offers their customers cheap priced e-bikes. Every bike ranges below 289 pounds. They have a limited-time clearance sale offer, utilize this offer before it ends.

E-bike Direct Outlet

All e-bikes are available at below 200 pounds price. This offer is unbelievable, if you’re planning to have an e-bike for so long then this is the time to order it now. Don’t waste your time and money and spend it on something worth spending for. 


A top tip to buy an e-bike is to visit the store in your locality to analyse and pick the e-bike of your preference. Online ordering might be a risk at some point depending upon the seller and good quality. The above-presented sites are well researched for your assistance. You can browse these sites to have an idea of bike range and quality.

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While buying an e-bike do consider the battery time, recharge required for one cycle, motors installed, and controllers. The United Kingdom uses a pedelec e-bike which assists the rider in pedaling, when you get tired of peddling, your bike will take care of you and lead you to the destination. The travel range lies around 25km/h and does not require an identification plate at all. The minimum range to ride an e-bike in the UK is 14.

While riding an e-bike you are recommended to use the helmet as they are allowed to ride in the available bike lane. You do not need a license to ride an e-bike in the UK it is free for age 14 and above. The regular price of e-bikes ranges anywhere between £720.25 to £2880.99. To help people with their pocket-friendly deals, we have researched the internet to provide all e-bike sites providing bikes below £500. Hope you love reading about “Best Electric Bikes under £500”

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