List of Best Electric Showers to Buy in UK

Best Electric Showers

It is usually cold around the year in Some countries, inventors made showers apart from the geyser. Read about “Best Electric Showers”


Electric showers are not something new in the market. As humans evolved through the years, they invented equipment and products to facilitate their lifestyle. In western countries, it is usually cold around the year, hence inventors made electric showers apart from the geyser and other bathing facilitators.

Electric shower heats the water before it showers, the higher temperature you want the slower and gentler it will flow through. An electric shower does not work like the traditional shower as, without the electricity, it needs an electricity supply to function properly. 

In a nutshell, you can say electric showers are geysers + showers in a modern-day world. It is commented directly with the main water supply and heats the water as it approaches the expelling point of the shower. They differ a lot from mixer showers as they mix the hot water from the geyser and main supply. 

Electric showers help people save domestic boiler costs or geyser expenses without wasting hot water. Electric showers use little electric energy if you have good running water pressure. The lasting time of an electric shower is an average of 2 years but it can be prolonged through smart and effective use. The major plus point they hold over other equipment is its ability to allow you an instant hot shower.

Eco-friendly, water savor, and cost-friendly bathroom equipment also need keen choice and recommendation just as your lifetime investments. Save your extra cost by spending on the right item on time.

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Triton T80 Easi-Fit+

With easy installation and next-day delivery service at your doorstep, Triton T80 Easi-Fit+ has multiple water entry points. This has easy to use dial option for temperature preferences. Take-away options are also available. 

Six cable entry and eight pipe entry options along with 1 bar minimum running water pressure and maximum running pressure is  5 bar and maximum static pressure is 10 bar. 

Triton electric shower has two years warranty and requires only 8.5 Watt of electricity, resulting in a massive reduction in electricity use in the household.

Cara Electric Shower

Cara electric shower is known for its temperature control and separate power at a cheap price. By separate control I mean you have the facility to change the water pressure without modifying the temperature and changing temperature with keeping pressure constant is also possible. 

With one year guaranty, Cara electric shower is easy to clean, use, amend, fix, and replace. Cara electric shower does not come with the battery operation function, this is beneficial in the sense that users do not have to spend extra cost on batteries.

View this shower at the store here: 

Gainsborough Electric Shower

Gainsborough 97554041 electric shower is available at the lowest price at the following link. In the house of children and older adults, it is recommended to install Gainsborough electric shower due to its easy-to-use facility. It works with a single push-button for temperature and water pressure which makes it easy for kids and grandparents. 

The easy-to-clean shower will allow you to save plumber costs by removing dirt by yourself every week. The shower comes with an expandable silicone nozzle which deliberately affects water pressure and thus less effect on electricity use. 

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iBathUK Electric Shower

The most cost-friendly electric shower in the market is iBathUK Electric Shower. By installing this shower into your bathroom, you can reduce your electricity cost to a noticeable extent. With single push-button options and no battery operation, this electric shower reduces user cost very much. 

Another advantage of this shower is its multiple head functionality. Due to its delayed shut down option, you can not only save your electricity bill but also can ensure your safety. This shower comes with a year of warranty but you can prolong its life through regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Mira Sport Max with Airboost Electric Shower

The Air boost addition to Mira Sport Max saves water much by incorporating airflow with the water to increase the pressure, which makes it a more eco-friendly electric shower in the market. The 9KW option saves 12 pounds monthly on your electricity bill. 

The clear-Scale phased shutdown feature makes Mira Sport more advantageous as it avoids any burning hot shower accidents by clearing the hot water system. If you live in a hard-water area of the United Kingdom, this shower is suggested to you for its self-cleaning process, NO that does not mean you do not have to clean it at regular intervals; it only refers to less cleaning hustle.

Add some luxurious touch to your bathroom with two years of warranty with this exceptional Mira Sport Electric Shower. 

Grohe Tempesta 100 Electric Shower 

If you have high water pressure at your home, you are absolutely recommended to insert this shower in your bathroom. Its variant spray settings make it the best fit after a long hectic day. The rainfalls massage option soothes the fatigued muscles and lets you relax under a hot comfortable shower. 

This one is easy to install and clean any dirt, debris, or lime through the gentle opening and removing the debris. The temperature and pressure do not change even after a little more running time has passed. You can enjoy your shower as much as you want to. 

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Bristan Bliss Electric Shower 

The best one so far in the list of electric showers. The digital temperature display option allows users to easily monitor the temperature during the shower. In case you have low pressure, the little light is there to indicate lo water pressure to avoid any accident. The eco-mode is presented to save water for the world-leading to reduced electrical consumption. 

It is non-thermostatic with 9.5Kw energy usability, the anti-kind hose and soap dish makes it more reliable and advantageous over the other. The amazing water flow rate lets you soothe when you shower. Order away your piece now with two years warranty at: 


Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower 

With simple user control, Aqualisa Quartz Electric Shower adds elegance to your bathroom. The seamless flow of water makes it one of the top choices coupled with LED indicators for low water pressure. Aqualisa has five different shower head choices as per your convenience. 

The temperature sensor is built in to avoid any harm to kids, adults, or older adults. Phased shutdown disables any lime pileups in the showerhead. Regular cleaning of the showerhead is required for this piece just like all other electric showers. 

Order at their website by visiting through the following link. 

Lunar Square Thermostatic Rigid Riser Shower Set

An electric shower by scudo with a lifetime manufacturer guarantee is available for just 276 pounds at . Adjustable height makes it the best option for kids and grandparents as well.  It has a thermostatic valve and makes the shower easier with easy to use handset. The nozzle is very easy to clean, it is suggested to clean nozzles, headsets every week at least if not every day.

Middleton Round Thermostatic Rigid Riser Shower Set 

An amazing presentable electric shower with a rubber nozzle is available for just £139.99. With adjustable holder, multi-function shower handset, and extra slim solid metal makes it ideal for installation in your bathroom. 

This electric shower is available at . Grab your piece before it goes out of stock.

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Electric showers are not luxury but a need of today’s era. While choosing an electric shower, you should know your home’s water pressure and watt supply. Choose the e-shower by considering watts it uses, looks, thermostat or non-thermostat, nozzles, cleaning procedures, pipes, warranty, and temperature sensitivity.

Whichever brand and type you use according to your requirements, budget, and home support system, you should clean the nozzles and handsets at regular intervals such as a week or every three days. This will prolong the life of your electric shower.

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