Top Sites to Find Best Laptops under £300 in 2021 – Updated List

Best Laptops under £300

People of every age group demands laptops including kids- for cartoons and games, students. Read where to find Best Laptops under £300.


Laptops are feasibly portable computers with enhanced technology and methodologies. The to-notch benefit of laptop over a desktop is durability, portable nature, higher functionality, and all-in-one framework. Osborne 1 by Osborne Computer Corporate was the first laptop in human history in 1981 with a heavy structure. This proved to be the first successful execution of a portable computer idea. While Apple again won the war by introducing the first laptop with integrated Wi-Fi while previous laptops lack this facility.

Later in the 20th century, laptop computers burst into the market and were available within budget and slim structure. The more thinner and lightweight a laptop is, the more convenient it is for the customer to carry it along the way. Combined these and other remarkable facilities such as processors, battery life, resolution, and touch functions leads to higher laptop prices.

Everyone is in a hurry and laptops make daily hustle and bustle easy significantly. People of every age group demands laptops including kids- for cartoons and games, students- for assignments, businessmen – for presentations and data storage, and housewives for content and family accessories such as pictures.

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Markets are full of second-hand laptops with little to no malfunctioning. Users can buy laptops at reasonable prices but there is no guarantee of quality operational execution. Head over to the following section to access websites that offer first-hand laptops within £300. Yes! All of these websites are budget-friendly and sell under £300 as well.


What is the better place to buy a dell laptop? One of the renowned companies in laptop products offers you cheap laptops as well. Head over to this link to find the best-priced laptops. You can search by prioritizing prices or any other available options.


by clicking this link you will be automatically directed to the laptops with prices ranging from £199 up to £400. All chrome books 11 are available at cheap prices. 


Who is not aware of Amazon Market and what is that they do not sell? Well, the answer is they sell all pocket-friendly products including laptops under 300 Euro.  

Pro-tip to buy from Amazon is to read the top few positive and top few negative reviews. Another thing that must follow is reading FAQs, where you will find answers to your questions such as quality assurance, anything if they lack, return policy, and many other forgotten things to consider that will catch your eyes. 

Laptop Outlet 

The laptop outlet is another superb website to sell laptops below £300. Most of the laptops you find will be of Lenovo, Lenovo is well known for quality and low-priced laptops. You will also find discounts on some deals at the top of the website. 

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One hustle you will have to do here is to hover over the website to find multiple laptop offers and then choose wisely among them. You can ask a friend for advice.

Do not forget to read the description carefully, look for other options available on the same or other websites to value your spending.


A technical website with all the laptop and computer essentials. Their user-friendly website provides a search bar at the top of every page. Go to technology section < Laptops and PCs and then select the brand of your choice or choose by price. 

Click on the link for reduced hustle, next step is to choose among laptops, gaming laptops, MacBook, and Chromebooks, after clicking on any of your preferences browse over the available laptop options. They have all the top brands you can trust including mac, Lenovo, Acer, and yoga but safety is the key to spending, read the reviews and then proceed.

Laptops Direct 

Another website offers you a variety of laptops at a low price. Visit the given directed link to access laptops below 300 Euro. Available brands include Lenovo and Asus Vivo. 

You can look at the left side of the website and customize your search further including processors, timeframe, screen size, RAM, features, Brands, and many more. Focus on start ratings against the stores, read comments carefully, mind the addressed concerns in the review section, and then proceed to order after deciding with your significant other. 

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John Lewis

A diverse website with never-ending shopping items of all kinds ranging from kids’ accessories to fashion and tech. To avoid getting lost in this online mall, click on the below link and enjoy analyzing available cheap laptop deals. Click on available options such as chrome book, windows, window 10, and many others.


The only hustle you will face is that this website does not provide a filter search in terms of the price range. Therefore, you have to browse over all the laptops available to find the best matching your pocket. They present models with 2 years warranty, which is worth the prices they offer.

Currys PC World

Customize your search easily through the price range option. Sort low to high prices for desired results. Offered brands include Acer, Chrome, Lenovo, Asus, and HP. This link will bring you to the desired page you only have to sort the filters as described above and here you go with your laptop options. 

All laptops, except the chrome, are with window 10 pre-installed with free home delivery and in-store pickup service.

Lenovo PC & Tablets

In case you are unable to find THAT laptop under 300 then this website is built for you. Lenovo is the top trending company in laptops after Dell. Lenovo offers cheap but quality laptops with a warranty. Chromebook and IdeaPad are available at prices from $229 to $295. 


  1. Value Computers

Value computers sell laptops of Dell, Toshiba, and IBM laptops at different prices. Customers are facilitated through the “laptops by price” option at the top left side of the website. All Laptops are of the best quality with an intel core processor, good hard disk, and internal storage of up to 4GB RAM. They have over 1000 laptops and PC in stock right now. You can either contact them by email or call directly at the phone number provided on the site to get more information. 

Value computers will offer you friendly deals which you can avail of by clicking on the link above.

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Monkey Plaza

This online plaza does not offer you a sorting or searching option therefore, you have to pass through all the high prices laptops via this link and then find the one of your range. But this hustle will be worth your time.

Yes, they do have sort by price options but that way, you will be watching all the electronics along the way, and not a smooth categorization will be available.



Laptops are long-time investments. Even if you are spending little money on them you must ensure that the money is worth spending. Every penny is worth concerning. Laptops are everyday use these days and every person needs laptop during their day. From housewives to businessmen, from kids to university students, everyone is in a need of laptop in a different way.

Based on your requirements and utilization, you should think and search before your spending. If laptop requirement is for kids then you can go for low processor or storage options but for business, study, and office use you should consider processors, screen resolution, battery time, warranty, and functional qualities. 

To meet your budget needs, we have assembled a guide to provide the best quality laptops at cheap prices. You can also go for second-hand laptops but that would not be guaranteed. Then the suitable option would be to save enough to afford that. 

Make the best use of the above website links and make a quick wise decision.

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