Can I Get Car Finance With Bad Credit?

car finance with bad credit

If you have a poor credit rating, you still have choices for cheap car loans. You can usually get Bad credit car finance loans from banks, credit unions, repossessed vehicle dealers, online lenders, and local car dealers. Typically, you will pay a slightly higher interest rate than with a traditional loan. But you do not need to settle for just the first offer that you find, and it is always wise to compare many different options before making a decision. And once you are approved, there are many ways to get cheap car loan financing.

Auto Loan with Poor Credit

It is easy to get an auto loan with poor credit if you know where to look. Your FICO score may not be low by today’s standards, but you can still apply. Using an auto loan broker makes sense since they know the lenders, have inside knowledge of how much they will charge and can match you with an appropriate lender. It can be frustrating to search for a bad credit car loan on your own, but if you use the resources available, it is well worth the time.

Lower FICO Score

Car financing for people with a lower FICO score is simple to find. The terms are not as complicated since most finance companies base their terms and conditions on your credit score. There are usually only a few requirements, and most of them are standard. You will need to provide proof of income, address, age, social security number, and other basic information. If you have had some recent late payments, it may cause your interest rate to be higher, especially if the finance company uses your credit score as the determining factor.

To secure a decent interest rate on a loan, most lenders require that you cosign a secure loan with the lender. A cosigner is someone who agrees to assume responsibility for the payments should you become unable to make them. In addition, putting another person’s name on the line makes the lender less likely to reject your finance application.

Finance from Reputable Lenders

If you do not have enough good faith funds to cover the entire purchase, it is a good idea to start small and shop for a larger loan when you have a little more money to put down. It is also a good idea to start your search for finance from reputable lenders who may offer better rates or terms. Next, look at your credit report from all three credit reporting agencies. There is a small section at the bottom of the report that reveals your credit score. Look up this number and determine what it may be related to your credit history.

Conventional Vehicle Loan

A negative credit score will prevent you from obtaining a conventional vehicle loan, but it can also help you secure an auto lease. If your credit score is below the national average, a bank or lending company will be willing to work with you to develop favorable terms. They will be willing to accept lower monthly payments, longer terms, or even lower interest rates. If you can show them that you are making regular, on-time payments, they may be willing to overlook your poor credit history and still offer favorable terms.

You may want to consider going online to look at different lenders. You can compare different loans and see their interest rates, terms, and conditions before applying for a loan. The Internet makes it easy to shop around and find the best loan for you, whether you are looking for car finance or some other type of finance. Going online also allows you to read reviews on different lenders and how they treat their customers.


A cosigner will be responsible for making payments on your behalf if you default on your loan. This person will need to be trustworthy and will be able to make the monthly payments. It is important to remember that a cosigner will not be adding any additional risk to your account. They will be responsible for making payments if you cannot. If you have excellent credit and can prove that you can make all of your monthly payments on time, then you can use a cosigner without a lot of difficulties.

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