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Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500


As furniture is quite expensive, and nowadays everyone is on a tight budget so they are facing trouble finding the right and suitable furniture set to decorate their living room. Well, if you are looking for a good quality living room set and you are facing budget issues then this article will help you to find the best living room set on the right budget. As here we will discuss ten good and affordable Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500.

So you need not worry anymore here we will explore the best items for you. A comfortable living room is everyone’s dream as it not only enhances your house but also gives comfort to your tiredness as well. So people spend money to get good decor and comfort in their living room.

Here we are giving some tips and suggestions to buy cheap living room sets under $500. So you will able to choose the right style for your living room. You have to choose the one which matches the decorating style of your living room. You also have to choose the right color for the set to make your living room set the best. You should also focus on the material with the affordability.

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1. Jaxx 3-Piece Club Chair And Loveseat Set

This is a 3-piece living room set by Jaxx; this will be a great and right choice for contemporary rooms. The set has clean lines and rounded corners that make it look very amazing and eye-catching. It also imparts a sleeker vibe to the added pieces, and that is the two chairs and a loveseat. This living set is built with rubberwood legs so being friendly to the environment some people may also like this set.

You can get this living room set from

2. Maureen Fabric Sofa & Love Seat

The Maureen Mid Century Modern Fabric Sofa and Love Seat seating set are considered to be very amazing as it is budget friendly and very comfortable and it also considers as the beast, more comfortable than JAXX. As Jaxx set has its good points. This is a fabric sofa and the single loveseat is elegant and amazing and they also offer more comfort due to their taller backs and tight padding. This living set is very good for people who focus on good things rather than shinning gold and are more practical. This set is for them.

You can get this living room set from

3. Honbay Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

As available at an amazingly cheaper price, this gorgeous sofa couch is seemingly less flexible. The Hornby set is a regular sofa with an ottoman that matching the height of the sofa as well. One amazing thing about this living set is that the users have two options for arranging the sofa set, sofa and ottoman or an L-shaped sofa. This is so amazing and one can change its orientation whenever he wants accordingly.

You can get this living room set from

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4. Poundex Bobkona Spencer Sofa & Loveseat Set

This living set is very amazing and gorgeous for those who are looking for a couple of sleek sofas for their living room, the Poundex Bobkona Spencer set might be the right option for you if we want real comfort and brightness in your living room. As it comes under $500 perfectly fits the budget, this sofa set comes with a sofa, a loveseat, and also as a nice bonus four accent pillows. This is a modern sofa and if you have room for two sofas, then this living set is perfect and will be more comfortable for you.

You can get this living room set from

5. Marston Mid-Century Modern Set

This is a two-piece armchair that may not be interesting for everyone at first glance. But the set is included not just armchairs as these armchairs are recliners with a tilting back and a footrest extension as well. This living room set comes with an extra-padded cushion to increased comfort. Depending upon the user’s choice it can be a great comfort for people after a long hectic day.

You can get this living room set from

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This one is another adorable set that can be your choice and can make your living room look more comfortable and enjoyable. It comes in a neutral color that will flow easily regardless of the style and structure of your living room. With the price of just $486.85, it is worth buying. The sofa can also be changed into a medium-sized bed so you can spend a more comfortable time in your living room or you can get the quality with your family.

You can get this living room set from

 7. Buchannan microfiber corner sectional sofa dark chocolate 

This is a beautiful pillowy dark chocolate sofa that comes with seat and back cushions. This amazing set can be one of the best options for you to get as it is budget-friendly and available for just $469.00. The dark chocolate brown color is so amazing and creating an inviting and smooth atmosphere in your living room.

You can get this living room set from

 8. Tracton 2 piece sofa and loveseat set  

 This modern-styled cheap living room set comes with detachable pillows, a loose seat, and back cushions also, so it gives a cozy feature to your living room. The set is available in eye-catching navy color. This sofa is very easy to clean and maintain. Your limited budget is not a big issue anymore; this gorgeous set is available for just $460.99.

You can get this living room set from

 9. Keter urban knit pouf set 

 This set is available for just $98.99, appeared as gorges poufs to make the additional sitting area and enhance the attractiveness of your living room as well. This set comes with two chairs and one table with hidden storage also. You can choose from are 3 colors and they are taupe & blue, taupe & brown, and grey & white. The color shades are amazing and this set is really beautiful for small-sized living rooms, simple yet elegant.

You can get this living room set from

 10. Montero microfiber convert-a-couch futon sofa sleeper BED 

 This is one of the adorable yet comfortable sofas. A unique feature of this sofa is that it can be transformed easily into a bed also. The sofa has a removable cushion so it can be cleaned and aired very easily. The sofa is having large space storage under the seat, that users can avail accordingly. This sofa is available in some other colors. This sofa is budget-friendly and available for just $379, so your limited budget is not a big issue or hurdle to take this sofa to your home for your living room.

You can get this living room set from


So in this article, we recommended some cheap living room sets under $500. Whenever you are about to decorate or update your living room this article will surely help you to find budget-friendly living room sets. Being offered at a very low price tag doesn’t compromise quality; their design and material make them worthy enough to buy. You have to just pick up the one from the list which suits your needs, taste, and the structure of your living room.

We recommended that whenever you are picking the item pick the one which is adorable, comfortable, and durable at the same time. As for my opinion remaining in your budget you have to choose the things for you. So instead of looking for high-quality and trendy things you should focus on your budget and try to get quality and affordable products so that will prove right for you. So here is provided some of the choices of living room set that are good as well as budget-friendly.

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