Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 500$ – List of 10 Best Sofas to Buy in 2021

Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 500$

It is very hard to buy the best sofas for cheap prices. But it is not impossible as here we will explore 10 Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 500$


Nowadays it is very hard to buy the best sectional sofas for cheap prices because of inflation. But it is not impossible as here we will explore ten Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 500$ and worthy of buying as well. If you want to buy a cheap sectional sofa and planning to visit the market, it is not a good idea as you will find the best ones but at expensive prices and you will waste your time. So this article will help you to some extent exploring different Cheap Sectional Sofas Under 500$ while sitting at home. Here are ten cheap sectional sofas list.

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1.Soft Brush Microfiber Sectional Sofa

This sectional sofa is covered with soft microfiber upholstery. And the frame is made from hardwood with strong aluminum legs which are also detachable. It can bear heavyweight. It is in color gray and adjusted into four different shapes. Its body is durable that lasts long. It has soft and cozy seats to give comfort. This is a very decent sofa, its seating system is very satisfying, and it the best to spend a relaxing time on it. Now talk about its size. This sofa fits in suit small apartments or flats and suitable for them as well. The dimensions of the sofa are 78″ x 54″ x 34″ inches.

You can get this sectional sofa from

2. Poundex Sectional Sofa Set

This sectional sofa is interlocking and keeps you all pieces together and it is very easy to assemble. It is wrapped with leather and seats are filled with wool with durable springs to maintain the posture. This sectional sofa is very attractive, affordable and comfortable also. The package includes all tools and manuals needed. It can bear heavy weight because of its durable body. This sofa is suitable for large as well as small living rooms. This comes in color black and not available in any other color. This sofa is very good to ensure your hospitality as well; your guests will surely like its comfort.

You can get this sectional sofa from

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3. HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa

This sectional sofa is L-shaped that is a mid-century design and highly comfortable comes with firm cushions also. If we talk about its size this is 78.5’’ Long 30.3’’ Wide 35’’ Height, which is not suitable for long living rooms. It has a dark gray color. Supreme quality material is used in its making; it is made from superb linen fabric. This sofa is not so complex and very easy to assemble. This sofa proved very attractive due to its color and beautiful design. This is relaxing and suits small flats and apartments. It can also be placed in small rooms to fill the useless space.

You can get this sectional sofa from

4. Homelegance Fabric Reversible Sectional Sofa

It comes in a highly compact size. Its color is a unique shade that is teal. It gives a light feel to the room where it is placed. It can be fitted in small spaces due to its fit arm to arm’s length. This sofa is also easy to assemble but it is not useful for a large family. Its seat depth is shallow but this is attractive looking and comes in a unique and different color. With this sofa, both light and dark themes for the room can be chosen.

You can get this sectional sofa from

5. Harper and Bright Designs 3 Piece Sectional Sofas

This is a Lavish L-shaped sofa and is a highly padded sectional sofa, this is waffle suede and is also dust resistant. Its framework is made from hardwood. It has durable springs for good posture and high-density foam is filled in it. This sectional sofa is made of 04 inches L x 71.5 inches W x 34.5 inches, and it is best fitted in corner areas of your house and it can be placed anywhere in the house as this sofa can be customized by proper positioning the chaise lounge towards the left or right, depending on user’s choice. But its chaise is not reversible. It comes in a beautiful grey and good for large spaces also.

You can get this sectional sofa from

6. Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa

This sectional sofa comes along with firm and comfortable cushions. It can be assembled very easily in just 10 minutes. Due to its luxurious convertible design, this looks fabulous. It comes with a 1-year warranty. This sofa is suitable for small living rooms and not for halls etc.

You can get this sectional sofa from

7. Tufted Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Set

Having a classy design this sofa is very durable. This is one of the conventional sofa sets for their living rooms but with a modern touch. This sofa is made up of tufted leather. This sofa has a unique design it is a couch with a chaise that consists of an ottoman as well. This is a chaise provides best leisure time with friends or dear one’s and ottoman can serve as a footrest or you can also make it your coffee table. The sofa comes in the traditional black color and is made from premium quality faux leather. It is very easy to clean. This amazing sofa is suitable for small spaces. This sofa can bear weight.

You can get this sectional sofa from–Faux-Leather

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8. Novogratz White Sectional Sofa

This stylish-looking sofa is made from stylish linen upholstery. For construction purposes, a sturdy wooden frame is used. This sofa has a functional seating capacity that is ideal for small families. It comes in multiple eye-catching colors. This is easy to assemble. It has a pocket-friendly price, below $ 500. It is lightweight and cannot bear weight as well. It is vest fitted in small areas.

You can get this sectional sofa from

9. Mid Century Modern Sectional Sofa

This one has a compact size with a modern design. It is very convenient and easy to clean and that sofa comes at an affordable price. This is also not very hard to assemble and is also pocket-friendly. It comes with a chaise but this is not reversible. This sofa is not suitable for tall persons and also it cannot bear weight as it has a shallow depth of seats.

You can get this sectional sofa from

10. DHP Haven Sectional 

This sectional sofa has a decent mid-century design. It comes along with slim track arms, a square-tufted backrest, and back legs. It is made from durable wood. Its size dimensions are 83″L x 55.5″W x 31.5″H. being a small sofa it is very easy to transfer from one place to another. The weight-bearing capacity for this sofa is 600 lbs. This is very easy to assemble and ships in two boxes. It can be cleaned very easily with a soft cloth. It comes with a multi-position backrest that can be suitable and altered for lounging and sleeping positions and a chaise that can be placed on any desired side of the sofa.

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Sectional sofas have some types, some of them are convertible Sectional Sofa, Modern Sectional Sofa, Rustic Sectional Sofa, Curved Sectional Sofa, Reversible Sectional Sofa, Sleeper Sectional Sofa, and Modular Sectional Sofa, etc. sectional sofas are made from Leather, Textile, Wood, and Linen. So customer can easily decide the material of his own choice. Mostly sectional sofas are small and best fitted to small living rooms or in small houses or apartments.

So by keeping in mind the characteristics of sectional sofas people can easily decide what exactly they want for their house. Keeping the eye on a budget this article throws light on ten cheap sectional sofas that can be good. If you don’t want to spend more money and wanted a good product at convenient price then review this article.

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