Engagement Rings Under $500 – Buy Quality Rings At Normal Rates

Engagement Rings Under $500 - Buy Quality Rings At Normal Rates


Engagement rings don’t require any kind of introduction or elaboration for their preferences and advantages. But it is a fact that a memorable day and relationship must have prestigious and priceless reminders. A ring can serve the best purpose for this occasion, but what if you want to save your money along with proposing to your loved one? Well, the answer is provided in the article and you need to relax first. Below are the Engagement Rings Under $500 which you can enjoy buying for your memorable beloved ones.

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Deep Blue Sapphire Solitaire Ring

The gorgeous deep blue Sapphire with unique shining silver settings is able to take your breath away. It is not easy to believe that it’s available for under $500. This ring is loved by every girl and more like it’s a dream of every girl to have such a ring. This ring would surely look amazing on the finger of the fiancée. Deep blue Sapphire ring is available in halo diamond, vintage, solitaire, three stone, classic & other styles at the best price. The prices of rings depend on many factors. It can be cheaper up to $25 per caret.


Natural Green Emerald Ring With 14K Gold

This ring has the power to impress your girl. It would be an excellent pick for you on your engagement. If this ring won’t impress her, then it is not guaranteed that any other ring would result impressive for her. Though she would surely show off in front of her friends and it is guaranteed that her friends would surely be green with envy. This ring doesn’t costs much and is available for under $500. Not much to spend and having an excellent ring to impress your girl.


Ruby Rose Gold Oval Engagement Ring

Ruby is one of the red Sapphire. The rarest one to find in nature. It is kind of trivia for you. Due to its rareness, it is called ruby instead of red Sapphire. The beauty of this ring attracts everyone. This ring is surely for your princess. You might be thinking that it would be so expensive due to its uniqueness, but its price is only $170. Not much to spend but having great happiness at such a small price. The specialty is that this ring is handmade and uses rose gold and silver material to manufacture. Style can be customized as per your choice.


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Cathedral Colorless Moissanite Ring

This ring is so beautiful that it might require a welding mask to protect yourself from the glimmer of the beauty of this magnificent ring. This scene would be more like the cartoon that a girl opens the box and lights flash out. This might make you think that ring is much expensive. It doesn’t cost much as it is available only at $338. You can also customize the ring as per your desire. It is guaranteed that your girl would surely be impressed by this ring. The gem used in this ring is transparent and is within budget. You can have a huge surprise in a very small investment.


Emerald-Cut Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring

The gorgeous and elegant emerald-cut diamond ring is perfectly suited for your engagement. It is a classic yet trendy design to be used at engagements or to gift at anniversaries. This ring proves to be more like love at sight and is an absolutely perfect alternative to a diamond. The Emerald-Cut diamond is so classic and sophisticated that it would definitely be the desire of any girl. No doubt that it looks expensive but you will be surprised to hear that it costs under $500. Not much to spend, not much to pay. You can have the happiness of your girl only for $500.


Marquise Moissanite Ring

This ring is perfectly suited for the girl who is really in love with art and deco and vintage style. It is really the best choice for engagement as well as to gift a girl. Most girls tend to choose the rings like Marquise Moissanite. It looks fantastic in the hand and also makes the hand look more beautiful. It looks to be expensive but it is way too cheaper than your thoughts. This ring is available for under $500 and will amaze you not only through price but also by appearance. This ring can be the best way to impress your girl.


Emerson black flat style tungsten ring

It is a classic ring style in onyx color appeals to men. It is noticed that men usually prefer this ring and are very impressed too. So if you want to amaze your man then this black flat tungsten style ring is highly preferred. It may look expensive but it only costs $129.95 only. The reason of its bold black color is thin layer of black tungsten which resists the damages. Black tungsten might become marred by the time as it is not as tough as tungsten carbide. You can have this band in between 4cm to 6cm.


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Marcel white tungsten ring

This ring is durable and bright white tungsten in color with a classic flat appearance. This ring has a width of 2cm. This ring is multilayered which increases its life span due to this White Marcel comes with a lifetime warranty. All these qualities might make you think it to be expensive but it is cheap up to $189.95 only. It looks more like a transparent ring which mostly attracts men. It will remain the same as you put it on your partner’s finger. The ring is so beautiful that it catches the eyes of everyone.


Somerset Diamond Faceted Black tungsten ring

This ring features the diamond facet design with craved black tungsten highly polished which causes amazing shine. It has black bold color to make it durable which is due to a thin layer of black tungsten to its core. The ring is available in 2cm and is the choice of women looking for a lovely symbol of devotion. This ring looks elegant on the finger. This ring comes with a lifetime warranty as it won’t lose its color but it may become marred by the time. Somerset Diamond is not an expensive ring at all. It can be purchased only at $109.95, providing you the best ring at a very low cost.


 Wolf flat brush a with a white tungsten ring

The wolf wedding is famous for combining the durability of tungsten carbide and the color of platinum. This ring also has the white tungsten and the color of platinum mixed together giving an amazing shine that always attracts and impresses every single person. It is simple looking ring but looks amazing on the finger of your partner. You can have the ring in the width of 2cm, 4cm, and 6cm. This ring also comes with a lifetime warranty but does get marred by the time. It only costs $209.95. It is a very in-budgeted price to impress your partner.


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Whether a cheap one or the expensive one, a ring contains thousands of unheard and untold emotions. It is better to prefer the sweet and elegant ring as you do not get another chance for engagement with the same person. Among the above presented choices, you can go for any of them based on your choice of design, your budget, and availability at the current time.

You can surely gift the expensive rings at the marriage ceremony or wedding anniversaries later to compensate for the present cheap rings but this engagement ring will constitute uncountable memories and emotions for sure.

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