Five tips for choosing a luxury resort in Costa Rica

costa rica luxury resort tips

Costa Rica is a country in Central America with coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean. According to Statista, in 2018, 74.2 percent of international tourists arrived in Costa Rica. A 2016 statistics state that more than half of 2515 hotels are small establishments, and the rest are large chain hotels with a great number of rooms. So, if you plan on vacationing at a luxury resort, type “Costa Rica luxury resort” on your Google search engine; furthermore, you will require some tips in picking the best one.

So, you can read further and learn how to choose a luxury resort in Costa Rica.

  • Set a budget: One of the determining factors in choosing the right luxury resort is budget. Well, you might have to spend a massive chunk of your budget. If you are ready to splurge, budget is not a concern for you. You can determine the budget for the trip and consider the amount of money you want to allocate to the hotel. You might want to spend less on dining out and traveling to places in Costa Rica. After all, spending on a luxury resort is your topmost priority. So, you can start by deciding the category of the room. You can either choose a low-category room in the luxury resort or a high-category one.
  • Location: You must also determine the location of your hotel. You can either pick an area close to the airport or a wedding venue in Costa Rica. The site entirely depends upon your personal preference. You might want the location of the resort to be close to the waves. You might also prefer shops, bars, and restaurants right at your doorstep. You might also like a beach resort that is quiet and peaceful. If the view is essential to you, you can look for alternatives with a picturesque view in Costa Rica.
  • Style: Since you are fond of luxury travel, you can choose a classic luxury hotel or a fabulous luxury mansion. You can ensure that the best services will be provided if you pick a luxury mansion or hotel. When it comes to a villa, you can be intimate and have more personal touches. Some luxury hotels or resorts provide a unique experience with attention to detail. Furthermore, they also offer individual services for their customers.
  • Amenities: Staying in a luxury resort means having luxury amenities. So, you must check for some facilities such as a spa and hair salon, Wi-Fi, a top-notch quality restaurant, and breakfast. Additionally, you can look for some fantastic surf hotels in Costa Rica that provide surf coaching. So, if you dream of such resorts, type “Costa Rica luxury resort” and search for some fantastic luxury surf resorts. You can also consider alternatives that can provide you with their car. If you are fond of yoga or gym sessions, you can view those factors too. Different people prefer different amenities, so you must look at what’s suitable for you and check if the resort stands out.
  • Reviews: Indeed, you will find the best luxury resort in Costa Rica that will suit your needs and preferences. Before that, you must always check the reviews of the luxury resort. You often book a luxury resort, but it turns out to have terrible food, poor service, and shabby rooms. Hence, it is essential to check the reviews thoroughly and make critical decisions. For that, you will have to do tremendous research by viewing various websites.
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