How to Add a Client on FreshBooks?

Being a small business requires a lot of effort to earn that loyal customer base. With FreshBooks, you can impress your Client with professional documents while keeping tabs on their bills and dues. Any individual or business paying you for your services can be added to your FreshBooks in order to facilitate transactions for all parties.

You can create a new Client profile on both the FreshBooks app and website.

Add a Client on FreshBooks App

Download the FreshBooks App on Android or iOS and login to your account.

1. Head to the ‘3-dots’ icon on the bottom right corner.
2. Click on Clients to find your existing clientele database.
3. Press on the β€˜+’ green sign.
4. Fill out their First and Last Name.
Option: You can add company name, address, phone number, email, tax number and internal notes
5. Click on Save to add them to your Clients list.

Edit or Delete Clients on FreshBooks App

1. Head to one of the Clients on your list.
2. Press on the pencil icon at the top right to update or add any information.
3. Click on ‘Delete Client’ at the bottom right to remove them from your list.
(Or you can go to the 3-dots next to the pencil icon and click on ‘Delete’)

Meanwhile, you can find more features for your Client’s profile on the website.

Add a Client on FreshBooks Website

Login to your FreshBooks on your desktop or mobile web browser.

1. Head to Clients (the 3rd icon on the left sidebar – hat icon).
2. Click on New Client at the top right corner.
3. Fill out their First and Last Name.
Option: You can add company name, email, phone number, mobile number, business number, address, tax number.
4. Click on the Client Settings (3-line icon on the right) to view more options

5. Choose to Send Payment Reminders
Check the box if you want automatic reminders to be sent to this Client for any Invoice or Payments.
Set a number of days to send the reminder, before or after the due date.
Click on Add Another Reminder if you want to send several ones to your client.
Press on the 3-line icon next to Reminder #1, an email template will pop up for you to preview. You can add a personal message which will be sent automatically along with the reminders.

6. Choose to Charge Late Fees
Check the box if you want to automatically charge your client with a fee in the case of overdue invoices.
Select the type of late fees depending on your agreement with the client:
Percentage of invoice value
– Percentage of outstanding balance
– Flat fee
Fill in the value of percentage or fee, and set the number of days (in which extra charges will be added automatically after the due date).

7. Choose Currency & Language
Both are set according to the default settings of your account.
However you can change it according to the Client preference.

8. Select Invoice Attachments
Check the box if you want to automatically attach a PDF copy of the invoice along with the email sent.

9. Click on Save to add your Client to the list.

Edit or Delete a Client on FreshBooks Website

1. Head to one of the Clients on the list.
2. Go to β€˜More Actions’ under the company name.
3. Click on Edit Client if you want to change any details.
4. Click on β€˜Archive’ or β€˜Delete’ to remove the Client from the list.
5. Press on OK.

But don’t worry, your clientele history will remain saved on FreshBooks. You can head to the bottom of the list to view your β€˜Archived Clients’ and β€˜Deleted Clients’.

You can view or edit the details of archived Clients, then unarchive them if you’re back to doing business with them.

However, you cannot view or edit the details of deleted Clients.
Click on a Client to β€˜undelete’ them and they will be directly added back to your Clients list.  

Send Invoices, Proposals, Estimates and More!

When creating documents such as invoices and proposals on FreshBooks, you have the quick option to adding a new Client. Later on, you can find them on your Clients list if you want to edit their profile and add more info.

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Now that you’re ready with the list of Clients, you can start managing your business and track the revenue generated accordingly.