How to Add a Team Member on FreshBooks?

Whatever business you are running, it’s not easy doing it solo. Whether you have a manager, employee, or accountant, FreshBooks allows you to add any Team Member to gain access and facilitate the communication process. When you’re working with a team, having the right tools is essential to keep everyone in the loop. A loop that does not have room for mix-ups or missing details.

Let’s say you have a small event planning company with several events coming up. Imagine how crazy it would be to keep up with each person and have all the finances ready by the end of the month. Forget all that! FreshBooks will have you work seamlessly with your Team Members, keeping everything clear and tidy.

Unfortunately, you cannot add or manage your team members on the FreshBooks app.

So, start by logging in to your FreshBooks account through your mobile or desktop web browser.

1. Head to My Team by clicking on the ‘2-person’ icon at the bottom left sidebar

You will be directed to the Team Members dashboard.

2. Click on the green Invite button at the top right corner

A list of team member roles will drop down:

Choose Admin

If you want to give full access to your financial information and tools for this team member. This is usually selected for business partners in order to help in creating invoices, manage projects, track time and much more.
The only thing they can’t do is play with the settings of the account and cancel it.

Choose Manager

If you need to give some responsibility to this team member, without the financial access. Managers and supervisors require the important tools of invoicing, time tracking and expenses, but doesn’t necessarily need the accounting reports and details.

Choose Employee

If you want the basic features for this team member to keep track of their work progress. The only access they have is tracking their own time, capturing expenses, and keeping up to date on the projects you invite them to. This will make the process much easier when it comes to managing and paying your employees.

Choose Contractor

If you are dealing with a supplier on regular basis, then adding them to your team would save both of you a lot of time. Contractors will have a separate business account with their own features and do not any have access to your information. But they can track time towards the project you invite them to and send you invoices directly.

Choose Accountant

If you need an accountant to directly view your finances, such as accounting reports, invoices, expenses, etc.… However, they do not have access to your projects, time tracking or clients. They also cannot send any invoices or estimates.

Keep in mind that only Accountants are free of charge.
If you add an Admin, Manager, Employee or Contractor, each Team Member will be an additional charge to your subscription plan.

3. Fill out the Name and Email Address of your Team Member

Press on ‘Continue’

4. Send an Invitation to your Team Member

A draft of the email invitation along with the subject line will pop-up, which you can edit however you want.

5. Assign Projects

After the invitation is sent, you will see a list of your ongoing projects. While waiting for your Team Member to accept, choose the projects you want to include them in. Check one or more boxes and click on ‘Assign Projects‘, so that way they can directly settle in and get started.

Your Team Member will receive another email that you assigned them to a certain project.

If you do not wish to add them to any projects yet, you can click on β€˜No thanks.’

To learn more about Projects, you can check out How to Create a Project and How to Manage Projects on FreshBooks.

Now you can find a list of all the Team Members you have added on the My Team dashboard.

6. Check the Status of your Team Member

If you sent an invitation but they have not accepted yet, then the status will remain as β€˜invitation is sent’.

You can check the box of the Team Member, head to β€˜Actions’ and click on β€˜Resend’ to send them another email as a kind reminder.

Once your Team Member accepts and creates their account profile, the status will turn into β€˜accepted’.

7. Add Billable Rate and Cost Rate

Click on one of the Team Members and head to the settings on the right sidebar to add hourly rates.

Billable rate is how much you charge your client for the tracked time of your team member.

Cost rate is how much you pay your team member for their work
(this is added to the cost of the project they are in).

To learn more about Time Tracking, check out What’s Time Tracking on FreshBooks?

8. Edit Team Member Role

If your Team Member has been promoted or you want to change their role, you do not have to delete and re-add them again.

Click on your Team Member’s name to open their profile and press on their role title. A list will drop down where you can choose the updated role accordingly.

Press ‘Save‘ and their access will be directly updated.

If you want to remove a Team Member later on, you can check the box next to their name, head to β€˜Actions’ and press on β€˜Delete’.

If you deleted a Team Member and added them once again, you do not have to send them another invitation. You can directly assign them a role and choose the projects you wish to add them to.

Now you have all your Team Members organized on FreshBooks. Forget constant follow ups and long email chains, collaborating together has never been easier!

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