How to Become a House Sitter – Popular House Sitting Websites 2022

House sitting can be one piece of a nearly ideal nomadic lifestyle puzzle.

We are all familiar with the babysitting duties. But imagine replacing a crying baby with a cute pet or a couple of side plants, along with a free change of house scenery.

The perks of becoming a house sitter are definitely worth considering. But let’s be realistic, we’re not talking about a full-time job.

With a profitable remote work, house sitting would be a great side gig to travel and make money, while saving on accommodating expenses.

What is House Sitting?

A person hires a house sitter to take of their home, in exchange for staying there for free!

By home, we refer to whatever is inside the property as well, which may include pets and plants.

There is usually some living thing that your homeowner wants cared for while they are away.

So, you may have to walk the dog 5 times a day, do some gardening, move the car, whatever it takes to maintain the house.

You’ll also find generous owners who offer some sort of pay if the job requires extra effort.

Duration of the house sitting can range from days to months, so a house sitter should be flexible to accommodate the full period stated accordingly.

And it’s not really a bad thing; a long-term opportunity means more time living rent-free!

5 Popular Sites for House Sitting Jobs Worldwide

1. TrustedHouseSitters

This is one of the most well-known sites to secure a house sitting job anywhere in the world. However, it is the most competitive and expensive one yet, with an annual membership starting from $169 for the basic membership, reaching up to $259 for the premium. Owners do pay around the same fees as well.

Many may argue that the overtop membership is not worth it, especially for beginners who are not planning on house sitting pretty often.

2. House Carers

With it’s match making system, House Carers notifies you and the house owner when your location preferences and profile matches a house sitting opportunity.

They offer a free membership, which allows you to register as a sitter and look at available listings. But if you want to contact homeowners and directly apply for a job, then you’ll need to get the $46 yearly paid membership.

3. Nomador

The only site that does not force you to subscribe for a whole year. You can create a free ‘discovery’ account with limited use and listings, or get the ‘trust’ quarterly membership for $42 (annually for $99).

Nomador’s modern interface is also adopted within their messaging app, which is free as well. It is not as popular as other sites, so it could be difficult to find a listing in the destination you desire.

I also love their concept of the ‘Stopover’, where homeowners can host travelers for a night or two. This option is purely used as a gesture to help out anyone on the road and build a supportive connection with members of the Nomador community.

4. MindMyHouse

The most budget-friendly subscription of them all! MindMyHouse offers job listings all over the world for an annual membership of $20. This makes it a highly competitive platform with 10x more sitters available than houses. 

The demand is also pretty higher in the US and Europe than other regions.

5. Luxury House Sitting

Regardless of the clunky visuals that does not match the name, this site offers pretty interesting house sitting opportunities. You may find horse farms, historical estates, and rural villas.

For $25 yearly membership, you can take on a large property sitting adventure that could include some managing duties as well.

One of the interesting listings I came across

Is House-Sitting Safe?

As long as you take the proper security measures, yes, it is!

To be on the safe side, you should always:

  • Use a legit website (as the ones mentioned previously)
    Most of them have proper help centers and insurance policies.
  • Read the reviews
    The more positive feedback there is, the more reliable the experience would be.
  • Ask as many questions as you can
    What’s the neighborhood like? What may negatively trigger the pets? Do you have a security system installed?
  • Establish a relationship prior to your arrival
    Once you get to know the house owner, you may feel more comfortable staying at their home.

At the end of the day, it’s all about mutual trust between the two parties. They are lending you their home, while you should look after it as it’s your own!

Why Should I Become a House Sitter?

Many of you may wonder, why am I paying to take care of someone’s house?

When you think about it, the amount your spending (even for the most expensive subscription), can barely cover a night or two in a hotel.

So, imagine how much you can save on accommodation wherever you want to travel next.

However, if you’re planning on going full-on vacation mode, then this won’t work out for you. House sitting may not feel like a job, but it definitely comes with duties, responsibilities and some furry creatures.

Nevertheless, with great responsibilities comes great experiences.

Forget about that over-priced mini vacation.

With the money you’re saving, you can have more time to meet people, explore the destination, and create unforgettable memories as a touristic local!