How to Create a Proposal on FreshBooks?

Let’s say you’re a startup trying to compete with thousands of players in the game to build your own client base. You may have the charm of getting customers to consider you, but your business proposal is what will win them over. That’s where FreshBooks come in handy to help you create proposals in a simple yet professional way.

What is a Proposal?

We’re definitely not talking about going down on one knee…

A business proposal is a document that aims to attract clients to whatever you have to offer. Whether it’s a product or service, your proposal should cover all the necessary details and explain to your client how you will be satisfying their needs.

So, sign into your account on the FreshBooks app, and let’s start with the first proposal:

1. Head to the β€˜More’ tab (with the 3 dots icon)

2. Click on Estimates, then the ‘+’ sign

3. Press on β€˜Proposal’

A new draft will open for you to start filling in the details.

4. Add a client

You can either create a new client by entering their name and info, or choose one from your existing database.
Lean more on How to Add a Client and Manage Clients on FreshBooks.

5. Add pricing

This is where you add your product or service that you are providing.

Press on β€˜add a line’ and choose the items.

Create a new one by putting in the name, quantity and rate. Or you can choose from your history of items and edit accordingly.

6. Add Sections (before or after your pricing)

Customize your own proposal by adding different sections to it.

If you want to persuade your audience, you’ll need to add more than just an item and price to get the cut.

Sections to add:

  • An overview

Here you can put a summary of your product or service, giving a clearer idea to the client of what to expect.

  • Scope of work

The client may understand what your business does, but what does it not do? You need to clarify what is offered and what is your role in this agreement.   

  • A Timeline

This can keep you on the safe side of work. The client will have an estimated time frame to receive what is promised, and your business has a clear schedule on deadlines to meet.

  • A Blank Section

This is your personal touch to your proposal. Do you want to add a payment method guarantee? A cancellation policy? Make it as detailed as you want it to be.

7. Add notes and terms

Your proposal will end with your notes and terms, if you have any.

8. Save your Proposal

By clicking the save button on the top right, a draft of your proposal will be created for you to review.

9. Share your Proposal via email or PDF

In case you want to do some last-minute editing, press on the pen icon on the top right, then save it again.

To share your proposal via email: click on the arrow icon, fill out your client’s email (if it’s not already saved in their profile) and press send.

To share your proposal as a PDF: click on the 3-dots icon, then ‘share as PDF’ and choose the platform you want (WhatsApp, Messenger, etc…)

You will be notified once the proposal is sent, viewed and hopefully accepted by the client! (this is only applicable when sent via email)

If you’re curious about what your client is going to receive. This is a sample of how your proposal will look like:

So, do you have to fill in the same details every single time?

Definitely not! You can duplicate a previous proposal and edit it according to your client’s expectations.

A business proposal is your chance to portray your competitive advantage to your client. Whatever the purpose of your proposal is, the most important factor is the way details are pulled together in a persuasive and professional way. So go ahead and showcase your value with FreshBooks!

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