How to Create an Invoice on FreshBooks?

Whether you’re setting up an online business on Instagram, or creating a little shop around the corner, your small business needs a simple yet organized invoice system. Not sure where to start? Well here’s how you can create professional invoices using the FreshBooks app:

First of all, head to the Invoices tab and click on the Plus β€˜+’ button

Online Payments

Choose an online payment method that you prefer e.g. PayPal (availability of methods vary according to your country).

In order to connect your PayPal account or other money platform, you will need to do it through your web browser.
Learn more on How to Connect to PayPal on FreshBooks

Turn on/off the β€œaccept debit or credit card” option.

Keep in mind that not all your clients will have a PayPal account and may prefer using their credit card directly.

Attach a Business Logo

If you already uploaded your business logo when setting up your profile, then it will automatically be added to every invoice.

Add a Client

Choose one of your existing clients or create a new profile by filling out their details: name, email, number, address, etc…

To learn more about, check out How to Add a Client and How to Manage Clients on FreshBooks.

Add Items

Whether it’s a product or service, fill out the following details of what you are charging:
Item name, description, rate (cost of per item) and total quantity.

In the future, you can add items from your history and edit accordingly.
You can also add Time Tracking entries which are billed to the listed Client.
Check out What’s Time Tracking on FreshBooks to learn more.

(Don’t forget to put in your taxes such sales or service, so that you don’t end up paying them from your pocket).

Now that we’re done with the basic details…

Here are more features to add to your FreshBooks invoice:

  • Add a discount percentage to your invoice if you’re running a promotion.
  • Request a deposit whether it’s a percentage from the total amount or a specific value. That way you can guarantee a down payment for your product/service.
  • Schedule one or multiple payments based on the amount or time that has been agreed upon.
  • Add notes or terms to your invoice.
    According to FreshBooks, adding a touch of courtesy to your invoice such as a simple β€˜thank you :)’, will help you get paid 5% faster.

  • Send a payment reminder (along with an optional message).
    You can also schedule multiple reminders for different time periods.
  • Set a late fee which will be added automatically to the invoice if it remains unpaid after a certain date. This will allow your clients to pay faster in order to avoid any extra cost.

Once you have filled out all you need, a draft will be created for you to edit and review your invoice.

Send your FreshBooks invoice via email, link, or as a PDF

For example, I created an invoice for My Bakery shop to charge my first customer.

This is how the email sent to my client looked like:

The client does not need the FreshBooks app; the link will open through their browser where they can immediately pay online.

If you are expecting to receive the payment by cash, you can send a professional PDF invoice via WhatsApp or any other platform:

If the client did not make an online payment, make sure to add it manually to FreshBooks once it has been settled. This way, you can keep track of your profit and follow up on other due payments.
To learn more, check out How to Add Payments on FreshBooks

That’s it; once you get the hang of it, creating an invoice will become a piece of cake!
You can download the FreshBooks app on Android or iOS.

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