How to Pay an Invoice on FreshBooks?

Wondering why you received an invoice through a link or an email from FreshBooks? Well, you are probably dealing with a small business, startup or a freelancer who is expecting a  payment for their hard work and service.

Online payments have become the new norm, especially after the pandemic. Not only for the hygienic purposes, but also to make life easier for both the business and the client. That is why small businesses and start-ups are now using accounting apps such as FreshBooks. They can keep up with their finances and at the same time provide their clients with professional invoices and quick payment methods.

Let’s face it, we all get skeptical when we receive emails or links asking for money. But don’t worry, FreshBooks is completely legit and secure to use!
So if this is the first time you receive a FreshBooks invoice, here is how you can make the payment:

First you will receive an email or a link via text, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc…

It will include the invoice number, total amount, and sometimes a custom message written for you.

Click the link or the ‘View Invoice’ in the email

This will open the full invoice on your web browser.
Make sure the description and price match the product or service you are paying for.

Click on ‘Pay Now’

The payment methods will depend on the country you reside in and what the business has available.

If the invoice has scheduled payments, then you can choose paying one or all of them at the same time.

To Pay with PayPal

  1. Click on PayPal, which will direct you to the sign in page
  2. Login using your existing PayPal username and password
  3. Choose your payment option: PayPal balance or a connected bank card
  4. Click on Pay Now

To Pay with Debit or Credit Card

  1. Click on the Debit or Credit Card
  2. Fill out your card details and billing address
  3. Click on Pay Now (you will probably be directed to your bank authentication for security purposes)

Other payment methods that are available in countries with similar steps:

  • Barclay Card (available in the United Kingdoms)
  • WePay (available in the US and Canada)
  • Stripe (available in the US and Canada)

So whatever method you go for, make sure you receive a pop-up confirmation to ensure a successful transaction.

Also, it is important to note that when a business sends an invoice, FreshBooks will alert them when:

  • The invoice has been sent to the client
  • The invoice has been viewed by the client
  • The client has made a successful/unsuccessful payment

Do you need a FreshBooks account to pay an invoice?

No, you don’t need an account to proceed with the payment.

However, if you are regularly doing business, then creating a Client Account with the business would be a great idea!

This is applicable if the business keeps you on their client list (as they have a client limit depending on their subscribed plan)

For example, if you are an event planner who is frequently ordering from the local bakery, creating a client account will facilitate the payment process for both parties.

How to Create a Client Account on FreshBooks?

Head to the bottom of the invoice and click on β€˜Get Started Today’

Fill in your email and create a password, and your account is ready to go.

You can download the app or log in to your account through the FreshBooks website to keep track of your invoices

Invoices sent to you will be automatically posted to your account, so you don’t need to keep going back to your email to check your due bills.

What Can You Do with a FreshBooks Client Account?

  • Save your payment information for faster payments
  • Save your due invoices in one place so you don’t miss out on any payment
  • Pay in bulk if you have several invoices stacked from one place
  • Automatically pay recurring invoices

It’s not easy for local businesses or independent freelancers to compete with high-budget international firms. However, FreshBooks encourages people to support those communities with its professional yet user-friendly platform.

If you are interested in making your own invoice, check out our article on how to create an invoice on FreshBooks.