How to Pay Off Debt?

How to Pay Off Debt?

Sometimes people find it hard to pay it back on time, but there are some ways that help us. Read about How to Pay Off Debt fast?


Debt can be anything, but most of the time, it is money that is borrowed by one party from another. The borrowing party borrows money under the specific terms and conditions that it is to be paid back later, which is with interest. People need to take debt to fulfill their immediate needs so as it is possible for them to pay it back in installments after short intervals of time. Sometimes people find it hard to pay it back on time, but there are some ways which can be adequate to pay off their debt very quickly and according to their choice.

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1. Create and regularly update your budget

Some people never created a budget, but now is the time to develop it fast if they face any issue like debt. There is no atomic formula in creating a budget. It’s simple to write down all your expenses: everything from rents to loan and, yes, your bills also. Then you have to put on the paper how much you earn each month.

Once that sheet is done, the next step is to deduct total expenses from income, and the cash left can go towards your debt. Once you become habitual in making your monthly budget, you can update it regularly or seldom as necessary. That will help you record your money, and you can make the right decisions to spend it.

2. Manage your spending

If you cannot find extra cash in your budget left for the debt, you surely need to adjust your daily spending. For example, if you are spending $80 a week for food, you can cut it to $50 a week, and this can be lessened by bringing only necessary items, eat at home, and before grocery make a list properly. Then the extra savings left from the process like above can go for outstanding debt. So by discarding additional spending, some money can be saved for the payment of debt quickly.

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3. Check your monthly bills and subscriptions

This one is another good suggestion to review your monthly subscriptions for those things that are not needed. Or you might be not using it, for example, video streaming services that you don’t need to subscribe to by yourself. You can enjoy it instead with your good friend. Apart from that, you can look for other un-useful and unnecessary things like internet and cable or any other thing. So by reviewing the bills and subscriptions, it will be useful to cut unnecessary connections that will ultimately reduce the monthly bills. Money saved in this way can go for the payment of debt.

4. Avail the debt avalanche method

The high interest rate is one of the biggest reasons that make the payment of debt such a big problem. If you have many debts to pay, like student loans or credit cards, etc., then you have to consider the debt avalanche method.

Through this method, you have to write down all your debt details, for example, what you have in your ownership, your least monthly payment, and the interest rates for each of them. The next step is to put every extra dollar for the debt with the highest interest, and at that time, you are making minimum payments on your other debts with low-interest rates. You have to do this process until the highest-interest debt is fully paid successfully. Once it is done, you can move towards the 2nd one debt.

5. Debt snowball method

This method is opposite to the debt avalanche method. A person focuses on the highest interest debt first in that method, whereas the debt snowball method starts from the smallest balance first. This method is very appealing for those who are interested in small and short goals. Just like the debt avalanche method, you have to make a list of all of your debt in the same way and give extra money for the debt with the lowest amount. But at the same time, you are making minimum payments on all of the other debt also. Once the shortest amount of debt is paid, move on to your next-smallest debt and continue to the others.

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6. Balance transfer offer

If you’re facing high-interest credit card debt, you will surely want to get a 0% APR introductory rate on a balance transfer to a new credit card. If you avail of this method, it permits you to move over and pay off credit card debt without collecting more interest.

Some of the balance transfers have a 0% introductory rate for the period between 15 and 21 months, depending on the selection of the card by the user. But, at the same time, you have to keep in mind most of these offers with a balance transfer fee of up to 6% of the amount transferred by you. So when using that card for the debt payment, you have to very vigilant that you don’t spend more on the new card and pay it off before the end of the introductory period.

7. Sell your extra stuff

If you need to add some extra money to your budget, then one smart way is to take out and sell your extra stuff that is no longer in use or not necessary to keep. Check your closet, garage, things in stores; you will surely get many things. After getting something, you can search in online stores what you can sell to get good profit in the online market. The extra money you receive will go for the payment of your debt. This is one of the easiest ways to arrange money for the payment of debt.

8. Use a cash windfall

In case you are doing well at your job and your boss appraises it, this might be a golden chance for you. You might be rewarded a bonus or promotion. It may also be possible that you got a hefty tax refund. This is great for your job career, but also very good for your debt also.

You can use the cash from your windfall to pay your debt, or your extra monthly income can also go for larger payments of outstanding debt. But this thing depends upon your luck and hard work.

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9. Take out a personal loan

If you do it wisely, then sometimes, new debt can help you pay off a debt. If you possess good credit, you can go for a debt consolidation loan. A debt consolidation loan is to take out a personal loan to pay off all your debt and, after that, pay for the personal loan until it’s paid. You can find the best suitable personal loan option for you by comparing the best personal loan lenders. If you are taking this decision to pay your debt, you have to be very cautious and wise also.

10. Start a side hustle

If you are doing a day job and this job is just giving you enough money to meet your needs, then it might be very difficult to pay off your debt. If things are like that case, you have to look for a side job or something else that you can do to make some extra money or income without working a formal side job.

A side hustle can vary from person to person. Still, some options nowadays that can be considered, such as delivering groceries through apps, can sell handmade goods on sites and writing, designing, or any other freelancing strategy. So there are enormous ways of earning money on the side; your side hustle can pay debt payments.


In this article, ten simple and easy ways are discussed that can help to pay off the debt. People can use any of the methods according to their temperament and choice. This is a tough time for someone when he has to pay a large amount of interest on their debt, but in daily living, it can’t be avoided as people need money for their home, school, transportation, etc., so they have to take the loan. Sometimes it is due to unwise decisions that they cannot pay it back on time and extra interest collected to make then tense, but by making wise decisions to pay it back, they can free from debt.

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