How to Use FreshBooks: For Team Members

If you landed here, that means you officially got an invitation from your boss to become part of their Team Members on FreshBooks! It’s not always easy to work with a team, especially if you do not have the proper tools to keep things clear and organized. That is why small businesses and startups are getting the help from FreshBooks.

To give you a quick brief on FreshBooks, it is an online accounting service that allows you to fulfill your financial duties and run your business more smoothly. Whether it is invoicing, time tracking, or project managing, Team Members can all collaborate together to save time and look more professional.

Your access to information and features will depend on the role that the business owner has assigned to you as a Team Member.

What are the Team Members on FreshBooks?

Admin, Manager, Employee, Accountant and Contractor.

Whatever role you got assigned, you will receive an email invite from the business owner to create your profile on FreshBooks.

If you got invited as an Admin, Manager, Employee or Accountant

  1. Head to the ‘Get Started‘ button in the email invite.
  2. Fill out your name, upload a profile photo if you want, and click on ‘Sign Up’.
  3. Create a password and then you’re all set to start working!

However, if you get invited as a Contractor, then you will need to create a separate account on FreshBooks.

You can head to link in the email invite as well, then it will direct you to creating a new business account.

What’s the Difference Between Team Members Permissions?

As mentioned earlier, not every Team Member has the permission to use all features or access to financial information on FreshBooks.

Admins and Managers

If you got either of those roles, then your view is very similar to the business owner, but with a few limitations. So remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Here is what you can do with your access:

  • Create and manage Clients
  • Track Time and review other Team Members time entries
  • Log in Expenses  
  • Review Business Reports
    *Managers can only view client-based reports
    *Admins can view the Dashboard along with all financial reports


Less access does not mean less importance. Keeping everything up to date on FreshBooks will allow your progress to be tracked and help you get paid easily. Here is what you can do with your access:


To do what Accountants do, you get access to all the reports and entries. That way, you can help your new Client (the business owner) with their paperwork to run a smooth operation. If you are an Accountant to several Clients, you can switch between each business from within the same account. Here is what you can do with your access:

  • Review Dashboard and Financial Reports
  • View Invoices and manage Payments
  • Create and manage Expenses
  • Create Journal Entries


As a contractor, you will be required to create a separate business account on FreshBooks. This will allow you to handle your own finances at the same time. Even though you are considered a Team Member, you do not have access to any business information. The point is to facilitate payment transactions and communication between each other. Here is what you can do:

  • Track Time and collaborate in Projects you have been invited to
  • Invoice your Client (the business owner who added you will be automatically listed in your Clients list)

Can Team Members Use the FreshBooks App?

Yes! You can download the FreshBooks App on Android or iOS and login using your email and password created.

The app is your go-to whenever you want to quickly send an invoice or record a time entry. However, there are several features which are not available on the app such as Projects and Retainers. Hence, you will need to mainly use FreshBooks on your desktop or mobile browser.

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