Used Riding Lawn Mowers for sale under $500 Near Me

Lawn Mowers for sale under $500


If you have happened to have a lawn in your house and want to reduce the cost of the gardener, then you must have a lawnmower. To even out your lawn grass, bring an in-budget lawnmower and do the task by yourself. Mowing lawn will not only save your cost by will prove to be a healthy weekend activity in the morning. Usually, your dad will be doing this fun, but you can also participate in this enjoyable task. To start with, order away any of the following lawn mowers at the cheapest cost and start working from today. Read below about Lawn Mowers for sale under $500 in detail.

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John Deere Lawn Tractor

This lawn tractor is not used a lot and is in good shape. It won’t require many fixes. Asking for only $450. It only requires steering gear and a brake pad. It will cost around $75 and will be ready to be used. John Deere Lawn Tractor is the world’s largest brand and very well known for its quality. It is like a golden opportunity to buy this mower for under $500. It would surely work well. Though it is used and requires a little bit of repairing but it would work like it’s new. Not much to spend on having the best lawnmower.

Craftsman Riding Lawnmower

This lawnmower is rated very well. The price of a Craftsman lawnmower is $1,300, but the used one can be purchased for $500 only. This mower got new blades and clutch cable this year for blade engagement. This mower is not in bad condition. It runs and cuts very well also uses the battery, which can be purchased at $50. It is available only for $500. You will have a great experience with craftsman Riding Lawnmower as it is great with cutting and trimming grass.

Kobalt 40V Lawnmower, Trimmer, and Blower Combo

It is much easy to use and maintain the yard in just three pieces. This mower has the capability to remove weeds and cover ½ Acer with a runtime of up to 40 minutes. The set comes along with a leaf Blower so that you can clear the lawn. It is not expensive as it seems to be. You can have this set only at $500. This Kobalt lawn mower comes with 5 years warranty. It can be an excellent pick to have a cheap used riding lawnmower that also works with blowing leaves.

4013 Honda riding tractor

This Honda riding tractor is in very good shape and in good working condition. It only costs $500. Not much to spend, and we will have a Honda tractor as a riding lawnmower and leaf Blower. It works like a brand new tractor. Doesn’t requires many fixes and is amazing with trimming. It can also be run on a battery and can only use 1 battery. It is used but in excellent condition and looks more like a new tractor. Honda is a famous and well-known brand and provides amazing stuff at a reasonable price. It used vehicle are also in good working condition and does not require many fixes.

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Lawnmower Tractor

This lawnmower tractor has 18 ho automatic transmissions and new blades with 42 decks. The engine of this lawnmower tractor works really great, but it requires yearly maintenance and oil changes. This used lawnmower tractor can be purchased only at $ is the best choice to have a riding lawnmower at a very affordable price. Normally the riding lawnmower Tractors are not available below $1000, but this used lawnmower is available only at $500 and is in very good working condition. You don’t have to spend much money on its fixtures as it is not used a lot.

Ranch king

It runs well and cuts grass. It does need some fixtures but has a brand new battery that lasts long enough to cut the whole yard. It needs a new tube for the back tire and a solenoid. Though it is used, Ranch King Works like a new lawnmower and cuts grass neatly. The owner is demanding only $500 for this riding lawnmower. Though it requires some maintenance, $500 is not much to spend on a thing like this. One of the best Lawn Mowers for sale under $500 in our amazing list.


It is the best offer yet. Types of the machinery of MTD are much expensive, but this used mower is available to you only at $500. It is one of the best lawn or garden mowers and leaf Blower. This mower is in very good condition and works like a new lawnmower but does requires a little bit of repairing and maintenance. Not much to spend on having the best offer. The used riding lawn mowers are not available at affordable, but there are some websites selling cheap used riding lawnmowers under your budget. Only spend $500 and have a lawnmower that is in good working condition.

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Husqvarna 970 With Bagger

Husqvarna is mainly a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor machines. This Husqvarna 970 is in excellent working condition. The owner is demanding 500 dollars as it only needs a new deck spindle, nothing else. So $500 is not much to spend as it comes with a Bagger also. This lawnmower is steady, light, and very powerful. You can easily rely on this lawnmower. These are much expensive but used one could be brought at $500. You can add some repairs if you want, but it is still in good shape.

Pulan Lawnmower

Pulan is a famous brand for selling riding lawnmowers. The used ones are also expensive, but some are available under budget. This mower is used but still works great and has a 1.75 ho engine with 42 inches mower deck. Only you have to spend $500, and this mower would be yours. It is best for the outdoor and garden. It is assumed that this riding lawnmower doesn’t need to be fixed as it is already in very good working shape.

Briggs Stratton Yard Machine Lawn Mower

To have a perfect garden, it is best to have a Briggs and Stratton engine. It is much expensive, but used ones are much cheaper. This lawnmower that we are talking about is one of the cheapest as it doesn’t really start and requires a lot of repairs. Once it is repaired, it will work like a new one. You can have this riding lawnmower for only $100. The lawnmower by Briggs and Stratton is the best one to keep your garden or yard updated. This one requires some fixing, and it will be one of the good working lawnmowers. You only have to spend $100 to have this riding lawnmower.

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The lawnmower has become the need of the day. Above mentioned lawnmowers have been previously used, though but are available in functional condition at a low price. These lawnmowers are picked among other thousands due to their great lower price, great condition, and reliability. By picking one of these mowers, you’ll experience the best maintenance of garden or outdoor grass, just like the new lawnmower. 

Fewer chances of replacement over time. Change the blades according to your desired grass shape. In case you do not know how to operate a lawnmower, you can ask the seller or go on the internet to watch videos of some respective lawnmower, and there you go, you are ready to mow your lawn. Hope you love reading about “Lawn Mowers for sale under $500”

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