Places You Can Live Comfortably on $300-500 a month

The cost of living is rising exponentially in many areas all over the world, there is no doubt about it. So, what is a person to do when they have dreams of living a simple life on a small budget? You will probably not be able to live on $500 a month in the United States or Canada. Or really any “first-world” country. But, don’t fret! There are plenty of countries that are cheap to live in. And these countries are also nice-looking and provide a good quality of life. Let’s check out the top three places where you can comfortably live for under $500 a month.


Thailand might be the cheapest place on the planet to live. This is due to the low cost of rent and food in the country. It also happens to be one of the top destinations for nomads who are looking to start an online business. The country holds great opportunities to easily increase your standard of living with not much of an increase in income. The cheapest living rates you will be able to find in Thailand will start at only about $300 a month! You seriously cannot get much cheaper than that!

Cost of Living in Thailand

You will be able to find a nice apartment in the city for about $300 a month. There are cheaper options if you are willing to forego some of the conveniences that come with living within a city. Outside of the city, you will be able to find apartments that are both fully furnished and air-conditioned for just a little over $100 a month! Basic utilities such as water and electricity will cost you around $50 a month in these areas. 

Internet for your online business is only about $17 a month. A cellphone plan is not much more, at around $20 per month. Food is also relatively cheap, which will really help keep your cost of living down. Keep in mind that, as your income increases, so will your quality of life. This is the case no matter where you are living, and Thailand is no exception. With a little extra money in your pocket, you will better be able to travel the country and really live your life to the fullest.

Best of all, Thailand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world! You will be able to find everything from beaches to mountains. And all while being able to enjoy the wonderful culture at the same time. 


Mexico can be a little more expensive to live in, especially in the large cities. However, if you know enough Spanish to get by (and even if you do not), you can live quite comfortably for under $500 a month in smaller towns. Another positive to living cheaply while living in Mexico is that some of the least expensive places are small towns that are located near the beautiful beaches on the Pacific coast. If you are looking for cheap living with gorgeous views, Mexico is the answer.

Cost of Living in Mexico

San Pancho is a small town situated on the Pacific coast. It has recently become a popular relocation area for many foreign people looking to reside in Mexico. In this area, you will have no trouble finding an apartment to rent for around $300. Remember that this price is considered high-end by many people in the area. You should be able to find a small apartment for around $200. As is usually the case when you pay less, be prepared for lower quality with these apartments. In Mexico, the rent usually includes all utilities and the internet. You will not have to budget extra for those commodities.

After rent and utilities, all you will have to worry about is food and entertainment. We all know that Mexico is home to some amazing food. Your next largest cost will be food, especially if you choose to eat out a lot. However, you can always purchase your own food to cook for yourself. This will drastically cut down on the amount of money you will be spending on food every month.


Here we have a European country that is cheap to live in and ideal for retirees, digital nomads, and people who are just looking for somewhere cheap to live where it also snows. Most people might be surprised to see a European country on a list of cheap places to live. But it is a great option due to its low cost of living. It is also popular due to its culture and the overall beauty of the country.

Albania is located on Europe’s Balkan Peninsula, just a stone’s throw away from Greece. Traveling to Greece would only be a matter of setting aside the time and the extra cash. And who doesn’t want to go to Greece? But, that is not to say that there isn’t plenty of beauty within Albania itself. Gorgeous views of both mountains and beaches are found throughout the country.

Cost of Living in Albania

You will pay around $200 per month for rent outside of major cities. Expect rent prices only go up by $100 within major cities. You can expect to pay another $100 for utilities and internet if that is something that you will be needing. If you are a nomad making their living online, the internet is definitely something that you will want to consider! Grocery prices are relatively lower in Albania than they are in the United States. You can also find meals at inexpensive restaurants for under $5


Laos is a beautiful country. You will never get bored of the amazing views if you decide to move there. It is located between Thailand and Vietnam, meaning that travel to these countries for a small vacation will be easy. Thailand also happens to be an especially cheap country to live in. You can rest easy knowing that your next nomadic home can be as close as one country away. If something happens and you need to leave Laos, you will not need to scramble to get back to The States. Simply move next door to Thailand!

Cost of Living in Laos

Laos is a mostly mountainous country. There will be plenty of things to do if you enjoy the outdoors and hiking. Spend your off days exploring this beautiful country you now call home! And, since Laos is such a cheap place to live in, you can guarantee that you will have some money left over for entertainment. A studio apartment outside of the city in Laos can run you as low as $250 a month. You can factor in another $100 for utilities. The rest of the money will be yours to spend how you wish.

Food is famously cheap in Laos, running at about $3 per meal throughout the country. Plus, most people report that the food in Laos is fresh and delicious. After paying for rent, utilities, and food, you will have a relatively large budget left over. You can use this for entertainment, hobbies, or anything else that you choose to spend your money on. Because of this larger budget for “fun money,” it is easy to see why so many foreigners love living here! Laos is definitely a country where you can achieve your cheap living dreams and be happy doing it.


Here is another South American country where you will be able to comfortably live on less than $500 a month. Many foreigners loce the city of Medellin because of its high standard of living. However, this city will also cost you a little more to live in. A better choice for your budget may be the city of Bogota. This city offers very low rent prices. However, keep in mind that Colombia is one of the more expensive countries on this list. For $500 a month, you may only be able to afford the basics.

Cost of Living in Colombia

Unfortunately, this means that you may have to go without some of the luxuries you might be used to having. This also means that you will not have a lot of money left over for entertainment purposes. But Colombia more than makes up for its cost with its beauty and culture. Colombia is nestled between Venezuela and Ecuador and is home to many beautiful beaches. But that is not all the country has to offer. Colombia is also home to the Andes mountains, snow-covered volcanoes, deserts, and grasslands. With such a wide variety of landscapes, the possibilities for adventure are endless! If you decide to move to Colombia, you have to promise that you will go explore all of these amazing landscapes.


Moldova is truly a hidden jewel in Europe. It boasts a safe environment, varying terrain, and deliciously famous wine. What more can you need from a country that also provides some of the cheapest living in the world? One of the main benefits of living in Moldova is that the rest of Europe is easily accessible from your home. You can get a train ticket for about $30 that will take you to almost any other country on the continent! With prices like that, you are almost obligated to get out and explore the rest of the continent at least once while you are living there!

Cost of Living in Moldova

In the main city of Chisinau, you will be able to find a cheap apartment for only about $100 per month! You can get your utilities for about half of that price. Meals will also run you a relatively low amount. If your budget is $500 per month, you will have plenty left over after your responsibilities to entertain yourself. Remember, you can also use your leftover money for the amazing travel opportunities that are now available to you!


Are you are looking for somewhere cheap to live that is also rife with culture, religion, and history? Cambodia may be the perfect place for you. Cambodia is located along the Gulf of Thailand. There are many beautiful sights and interesting things to do around the country. Most of the population of Cambodia is Buddhist. There are several old and gorgeous temples to explore in the country. Cambodia also lies completely within the tropics and is characterized by a distinct separation between wet and dry seasons. If you easily get tired of non-stop rain, Cambodia might not be the right location for you.

Cost of Living in Cambodia

Outside of a major city, you will be able to find an apartment for under $250. Utilities will add an extra $100. Meals at local restaurants will run you under $3, and public transportation and groceries are also relatively cheap. As always, everything will be more expensive the closer you move to large cities. It will also be more expensive the more people you are paying for. If you are planning to live by yourself, Cambodia is an ideal country to do so on a small budget.


Bolivia is another South American country where you can comfortably live with a budget of under $500. However, there are some disclaimers that you should be aware of before deciding to move to this country. First, hardly anyone here speaks English, so you may want to brush up on your Spanish before arriving. Otherwise, you may find it a little hard to communicate with others. Second, there is a high elevation in Bolivia, and there may be an adjustment period to get yourself used to living here. Third, you may want to keep your apartment search solely in La Paz or Santa Cruz. Smaller towns and rural areas of the country are often not very safe for foreigners.

Bolivia is home to many beautiful landscapes that will be within traveling distance of your new home. Some of the more famous landscapes in Bolivia include salt flats, the largest lake in South America, and deserts. One of the more amazing sights in the country is the “Valley of Souls.” It is just a short distance from the city of La Paz. Imagine all the beautiful sights you can see while exploring life in Bolivia! 

Cost of Living in Bolivia

In the safer city limits, you can expect to pay about $300 per month for an apartment. Utilities will only add about $50 more to your bill, leaving you with $150 for food and entertainment every month. Food is relatively cheap as well, only costing you about $3 per meal at local restaurants. With prices like this, it is easy to see why Bolivia is a frequent stop for many nomads.

If you are someone who is looking to live in a foreign country, while also not wiping out your savings account, you will be pleased to learn that you can find somewhere anywhere in the world. Your choice is not limited to countries in one area of the world. Whether you like hot and humid beachside towns or snowy and cold mountainsides, there is an affordable town for you to live in somewhere in the world.