Puppies for sale in Melbourne Australia – Top Sites You Must Visit

Puppies for sale in Melbourne Australia - Top Sites You Must Visit

If you have kids at home, you better gift them sweet little harmless puppies. Read about Puppies for sale in Melbourne to buy them.


A home must be soothing a calming to be home. If you feel stressed returning home then this is a sign to get the best companion to cherish the warmth of home. For this purpose, what could be the best human friend besides a dog. Generally, dogs are the most loved animals around the world due to their lovely, friendly, calming, understanding, and loyalty.

Besides picking dogs to take care of your barn or home, the best choice can be made by petting little puppies at home and having ever-lasting fun with them. If you have kids at home, you better gift them sweet little harmless puppies to pet so children will surely grow as gentle and loving human beings.

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Researches have proved that having dogs around lowers your boredom and chances of depression along with lowering stress and allergies. Puppies are well-known for their loyalty and loving nature, they can go as far as they can to make you safe and happy. 

Puppies for sale in Melbourne

Puppies for sale in Melbourne Australia

Among the varieties of dogs for protection and security, a few of them are rat terrier, Great Pyrenees, Bernese mountain dog, Jack Russell terrier, and Australian shepherd. To pet at home for companionship best-suggested breeds are dachshund, bulldog, pug, jack Russell, white terriers, poodle, Havanese, cocker spaniel, and the list goes to infinity.

Apart from all these, puppies do not judge you at all instead they enjoy your company at best. Sit at a bench or couch and keep throwing a ball anywhere around. Watch how much your dog gets pleases at this silly act and how happy he/she will get it back in your little mouth which will in return, help you calm down and lower stress.

Melbourne, a coastal area in Australia is one of the ideal places for little puppies. If you are from Melbourne, stay connected to find the one for your home. Below are some best sites that provided human companions in Melbourne. Read everything about Puppies for sale in Melbourne below.

My Pet Warehouse

My pet warehouse is a Melbourne-located website. They have a store in South Melbourne, which eases puppy selection. You can visit their 4.5-star website or adopt a puppy in-store as well. If you are planning to visit the store, then their opening hours are 9 am to 6 pm and vary on weekends.


The website provided exact locations and means of services to reach a store. Their phone contact is also present on the website for customer assistance.

Mad About Pets

Mad about pets offers cats, fish, birds, reptiles, small animals, and of course dogs. Apart from animals, you can also grab pet accessories on the way from mad about pet stores. Another plus point is that they provide free delivery for orders above 20 AUDs. You will definitely fall in love with their puppies. Their website is rated 4.5 stars on Google for reason.

For further details, visit the link below;


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The Paw Principality 

With amazing vouchers, paw principality provides dogs’ accessories such as food, clothes, grooming, bowls, and much more. They have amazing cat varieties as well. They open their sales every now and then, which you can avail of by subscribing to their newsletter. They do not offer delivery services and allow only in-store shopping. Their business hours in Melbourne are 10 am to 5 pm the whole week except the public holidays. Here is the link to the amazing paw principality;


Puppies for sale in Melbourne

Perfect Pets

This site provided links to numerous stores around you to pick up the best match for your soul. You can filter the search bar for Melbourne only and find the breed of your choice from a registered breeder.


Few well-known stores they have include Ehana Finnish Lapphunds, Karazma Kennels, Rumetumove Dogue De Bordeaux And Rumetomove Shar Pei Breeder, Caleebra Kennels, Odielassie Labrador Retriever Breeder, And Dynabull British Bulldog Breeder. 

Apart from dogs they also deal in cats. You can go ahead and buy a cat along with puppies to double the fun..

Trading post

The trading post is not a dog house site but rather it provides a place of connection between one-time sellers and the one-time buyer. You may find few store owners here too but this site mostly welcomes one-time sellers. If someone is unable to take care of their dog due to any circumstance, they are more than welcomed to put pictures and descriptions of their dogs for adoption here. You can easily find puppies available in Melbourne, Australia.


This site provides easy filters to apply for customized results. You can choose the dog breed from the left side of the screen along with price, age, gender, location, and seller types such as stores or one-time sellers.

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Pets Please

Pets please another user friendly site offering customized results for puppy selection. From the box available at left side of the home screen, user can choose category such as pets, pet products, breeders, shops, etc. Then choose pet type between dogs & puppies or cats & kittens. Further, don’t forget to add ‘Melbourne’ in location section and sort search by latest puppies or as per price preferences.


The site also provides fishes, birds, and other pets.

Shyryna Malshi Spot Australia

Shyryna is home-based puppy services. They proved well-cared puppies at your service. Their puppies are kids friendly and are pure cross-breed of Maltese and Shitzu. With the highest breed requirement, not only these puppies are rare but are protective and loving. 

The puppies at Shyryna are fun and active with healthy recommended diet instructions. Moreover, they provide customized training as well on demand. Click on the link below to get a puppy today.


Tacha Frenchie Home

Tach Frenchie is world-wide puppies delivering website. You can choose puppy of your choice and provide your address for shipment at your door step. Usually their puppy weight is not more than 11lbs and they have breeds of AKC standards. Their plus point is they have customer friendly return policy, but once you get the puppy, you will hardly give a think about returning it.

Here is a link for your feasibility. tashafrenchiehome.com

Hover over website tabs to know available puppies, their testimonials, return policies, and contact. 


Pups4sale has tons of dog breeds which will put you in trouble deciding what to select and what to leave. Client-oriented website with attractive theme compels the audience to order away puppies to enrich their home with sweet little creatures. They provide breed information and shelter dogs. Their puppy rang includes Australian breeds, German breeds, Dalmatians, and every other breed you can think off. Now head to their website and bring a new little family member at home.



Head over to their website and filter your search with Melbourne city under location heading at the left of their website. You can also filter types and prices. Prices range from around 600 AUD up to 8000 AUD depending upon the breed, age, and gender of the puppy.


Puppies for sale in Melbourne

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Melbourne, a west coast city in Victoria State of Australia has wide amazing breeds of pet dogs. These dogs are of various breeds which offers huge choice margin. With such a great margin people should adopt puppies as much they can afford and take care of. You can visit any of the above stores for breed selection as per your convenience.

To have a puppy at home is soothing, you can bring your puppy with you during the morning walk along the coast. Having a pup at home is one of the best decisions made by a human beings, don’t waste much time and bring home a puppy. Hope you love reading about “Puppies for sale in Melbourne”

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