Puppies for Sale Under $300 Dollars Near Me

Puppies for Sale Under $300 Dollars


 The loveliest creatures to love and adore are definitely the puppies. People from every age group love to have puppies in their homes. Puppies are rated among the best prioritized gifts for children and see both grow over time. The best aspect of having puppy is their light-weight, colorful appearance, you can bring them anywhere with you. You will read about cool Puppies for Sale Under $300 Dollars that you can find near you.

Professionally trained puppies behave in a manner that you can take them with you in parties and any outdoor visit. We all desire to own sweet little puppy. However, it is difficult to select which puppy to give while not disturbing your budget? Well! The answer to these universal questions is given below in detail with a variety of puppies.

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This standard Labradoodle has the power to melt your heart at first sight through its cuteness and loving temper. This puppy can be your best friend and a perfect one to be a member of the family. The puppy is up to date, short, fully vaccinated, and vet checked.

As the name implies, it is cross breed of Labrador and poodle dog. Having the characters of both parents, this puppy makes up anew versatile creature that is adorable. The puppy is cute, cuddly, and warm that would surely compel you to adopt this one. Labradoodle is not at all expensive. It is available for just $300 only.



Crossed sheep dog and poodle to give you the amazing breed sheepadoodle. Sheepadoodle is the cute little charming puppy that attracts most of people towards him. This puppy is like love at first sight. Low shedding breed that serves best as pet.

Sheepadoodle is full of life and would be your best companion. They love to cuddle, and they come with a full vaccine and clean health care from a veterinarian. They require regular brushes even though they do not shed. You got to trim the hairs on the top of your eyes to ensure that Sheepadoodle can see well. They are available for $300 only.


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They cross French Bulldog and Boston Terrier to formulate superior breed of Frenchton. Frenchton is cute, loving, and of a sweet temper that makes you fall in love with him. The puppy has the ability to be your best friend and a part of your family.

Frenchton is easy to train and seems really sweet as you own it. The friendly nature of Frenchton attracts many buyers. It is guaranteed that after meeting this dog, you won’t lose a minute to adopt this cute little puppy. The price of Frenchton is not more than $300. 


Labrador retriever mix

A cross breed of two most desired and preferred breeds is Labrador retriever mix. The parents are Labrador and golden retriever. It is a puppy that won’t let you get bored. This puppy is adorable, playful, and human friendly. You’ll surely love this puppy after adopting. It is not hard to train and stays in perfect shape.

The dog is microchipped, fully vaccinated, and is fully checked by a veterinarian. The price of the Labrador retriever mix is $299 only. This puppy will diminish your loneliness and will prove to be your best friend. You can have a partner at a very low price.


Border Collie

If you want two in one dog, that is a herd and puppy all at once than choose no other than border collie. This breed comes from Anglo-Scottish. This puppy is considered to be a highly intelligent, smart, acrobatic, loving, energetic, and human-friendly puppy. It is in a variety of colors like black, white, blue, blue merle, etc. It is available only for $300. The problem is they bark a lot that you might regret having them but this character is best suitable for barns and security. You just got to know what the puppy is trying to say. Try to divert its attention. It may result in less barking. 


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ACA Pomeranian

Pomeranians are sweet furry and gentle puppies. The puppy is so furry that its coat makes you warmer in winter. It has a very soft and furry coat. Pomeranian is really a very cute and very smart puppy. Pomeranian is the breed of the dog of the Spitz type.

It is classified as a toy dog breed due to its small size, which makes it easily portable to anywhere you plan to go. Its life span is for almost 12 to 16 years. The flaw in this dog is the only fragility. But it is a good toy puppy to bring joy into your house only at $300.


Norwegian Elkhound Hybrid

A dog with the power to put a smile on your face and make the robbers run away due to dog fear. The dog comes up to date with complete vaccination and health check through the veterinarian. This puppy is a crossbreed between a Norwegian Elkhound and a Keeshond. They vary as pure, mix, and hybrid breeds. The puppy is not very large in size, with common colors like white, black, cream, grey, or silver. These puppies are very human-friendly and entertain you like your real best friend. They are available for $300 only. 


AKC Registered German Shepherd

These are preferred for their ability to protect their trainer and owners against any suspected danger. These are very loyal puppies you’ve ever seen. This puppy is very friendly even with kids. Before delivering the dog, they are fully vaccinated and check for any disease. After ensuring your health, the puppies are delivered to you.

It is among the most recognized and famous breeds of AKC. These puppies are intelligent, smart, friendly, and compatible to be your member of the family. They don’t cost much. They are also available at $275 which is quiet low for this breed.


Yorkshire Terrier mix

This puppy is a mix of a Terrier Dog and a Cairn i-e a mix breed. It is quite an energetic breed, and the puppies are cute, loving, adorable, and compatible with human companionship. They live around for almost 12 to 15 years. Puppies are delivered with complete vaccination and a clear health card. These puppies proved to be perfect adoption for senior citizens. It is available for $300.Not much to spend on an energetic breed like this.


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Australian shepherd

This puppy is sweet, loving, playful, and charming. These words are enough to describe its complete character. The puppy has been kept up to date and fully checked for the vaccine. Australian Shepherd is energetic and loves to play. 

Once you adopt this cute little puppy, you’ll fall in love with this breed as it doesn’t require a lot of effort to get trained. 

The origin of the Australian Shepherd breed is the United States. The puppies are of good nature, affectionate, and protective. It might seem to be expensive, but they can be so cheap, up to $250. 



Either cavoodle or shepherd, every puppy has diverse features and characteristics. The preference depends upon your desire and budgets. The provided list is presented after in-depth research of cheap puppies for you. Visit the given search links to order away your puppy near you. They will deliver the puppy at your door step within few business days. Complete all the paper works where required and congratulations! You own a puppy.

Don’t forget to take care of your puppy just like your little ones. Train them as you like them to behave, all these puppies are easy to train and understand. Hope you love reading about “Puppies for Sale Under $300 Dollars”

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