Nexo vs. BlockFi – Which Platform is Better? [2022]

Nexo vs. BlockFi – Which Platform is Better? [2022] I began investing in cryptocurrencies in 2017 and have since used a variety of platforms to accelerate earnings and compound returns. I investigated for hundreds of hours and compared over ten different platforms. This is the area to compare Block Fi with Nexo to determine which … Read more

How to Become a House Sitter – Popular House Sitting Websites 2022

House sitting can be one piece of a nearly ideal nomadic lifestyle puzzle. We are all familiar with the babysitting duties. But imagine replacing a crying baby with a cute pet or a couple of side plants, along with a free change of house scenery. The perks of becoming a house sitter are definitely worth … Read more

M1 Finance vs Acorns 2022 -What is the verdict?

In today’s society, making smart investment choices is a good idea. After all, a suitable investment can lead to a nice sized profit in the future! But with so many investing platforms on the market today, how do you choose the right one? How do you select the investment platform that will give you the … Read more

The Solo 401(k) – How to Open A 401k On Your Own in 2022

Being self-employed has many perks, but one of the disadvantages is not having a 401(k) from work. The problem is that the 401(k) is sponsored by an employer, and since a company doesn’t employ you, you won’t have a way to save for retirement, or will you? Don’t worry! You don’t have to forego retirement … Read more

Chime vs. Bank of America – Which is Best for You?

Chime bank vs Bank of America cards

As much as some traditional banks might not want to admit it, more and more people are making the switch from conventional banking to online banking. Why is that? For some customers, they have found online banking to be a safer and better option than a conventional bank. Conventional banks have fees, and the possibility … Read more

Top 6 Savings Accounts in Thailand

Read about the top 6 savings accounts in Thailand. How and where to save money. Thai banks offer different terms for Thai and foreigner savers. Check here for Thai Saving Accounts. Do you want to save in Thailand? Find the best account for you. Listed are the best savings accounts in Thailand. Not all banks … Read more

How Much Can a Food Delivery Driver Make in Thailand [2022]

How much can a food delivery driver earn in Thailand in 2022?

An explosion of food delivery in Thailand? Could you be a food delivery driver in Thailand? There has been an explosion of companies delivering goods in Thailand, especially foodstuffs.  Like most places, Thailand suffered and is still suffering from the effects of COVID. How did this change the lives of food delivery drivers?  The answer is not … Read more

What Color Ink can you use for Checks?

Can you write a check in color ink that is not blue or black?

You’ve been searching for over 15 minutes and can only seem to find the bright and noisy-colored pens your children use in school. You need to sign a check to pay the delivery guy who’s been waiting for a while and you’re almost certain those colors aren’t right, but you can’t seem to figure out … Read more