Top 6 Savings Accounts in Thailand

Read about the top 6 savings accounts in Thailand. How and where to save money.

Thai banks offer different terms for Thai and foreigner savers. Check here for Thai Saving Accounts.

Do you want to save in Thailand? Find the best account for you.

Listed are the best savings accounts in Thailand.

Not all banks in Thailand will allow ex-pat savers the chance to invest in their accounts. Some do, however. Below we explain where and how.

Most foreign savers prefer to keep their hard-earned cash in their home countries. Not all. There are good reasons they need money in Thailand.

  • Visas
  • Condo buy in their name
  • Property purchase in company or spouse’s name

High Street Banks offer saving schemes. But have you thought of investing in Bank of Thailand Savings Bonds? Worth a look.

Starting With My Favourite – Krungsri’s Mee Tae Dai Savings Account

Krungsri does not want to waste your time in their branches. So they offer ‘Your moment is valuable with Mee Tae Dai Savings’.

Earn a higher interest rate

The interest is calculated daily

Your interest is paid every month

You can withdraw or transfer cash at branches, ATMs, or online, whenever, wherever

An individual can only open this account.


An Overall Great Alternative – Kasikorn Savings Account

The great thing here is that the interest is calculated daily. And paid every June and December.

It is easy enough to get and move your money. Deposit, withdraw, transfer your money and pay bills at K PLUS, K-ATM or any KBank branches.

We mentioned earlier that to buy property; you need an account. Right here is the account that can be used as collateral for loans.

You don’t need stacks of cash – No minimum deposit is needed to open this account

Again, only individuals can open one. You must be 12 years or older.

If you are younger than 12, your mom, dad, or guardian can help.

You will need to show your National ID Card. Which has now been made as a Smart Card. Or, if you have an old one, bring your driving license, house papers, employee card or copy of a passport.

If you are helping a young member of the family, you will need your birth certificate or National ID Card and a copy of your house registration.

Now, if you are a business owner, or as the documents say, a merchant. (Lovely old term).

You need a copy of your National ID Card. A copy of house registration or a copy of your passport (this is only for foreigners).

When you start a business, you will have a Commercial Registration Certificate. This is to prove your name.

Kasikorn branches can be found in about every town in Thailand. DETAILS HERE.

The Best Account For Foreigners Bangkok Bank Term Deposit

The Bangkok Bank is offering a ‘Choose your own savings’ plan.

You may prefer short-term or long-term deposits. Take your pick from 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months.

It is easy and convenient.

You can deposit at any branch, ATM, Cash Deposit Machine, or Digital Banking.

How to increase your savings.

With an account at Bangkok Bank, you can use it to apply for loans or guarantees.

If you are Thai, you will need:

Citizen ID card or another photo ID card issued by the government

If you are from overseas, working in Thailand, or planning on a long stay:

1. A work permit


2. If you are a foreigner without a work permit


You will also need a reference letter issued by your Embassy in Thailand. Or from an overseas bank.

Or, a letter from a Bangkok Bank staff member. Or a valued customer. Or a director, with permanent residence here. Or a government or private educational institute in Thailand.

You will need documents showing ownership of a condominium sale/purchase agreement. Or a property reservation agreement. Which must be valued at 100,000 baht or more with a reference letter from the property developer.

3. A foreigner who has a permanent residence in Thailand

Passport or Certificate of Residence or Alien Certificate, House Registration document


Decent Account For Thai Residents Krung Thai Bank’s Savings Account​

They have the daily interest calculated

You get it twice a year

It is tax-free on a personal account if the interest is not more than 20,000 Baht annually

Direct debit bills can be paid automatically

The card can be used as a debit card

Can be used everywhere and every time

The minimum deposit is only 500 Baht to open an account

The Best For High Network Individuals SCB’s Jad-Tem Account

They have an interesting savings scheme called ‘Easy Start’.

To open an Easy Start account, you need only 500 baht, the account must be in one name only (no joint accounts). And you must be living in Thailand.

The interest is paid on June 25th and December 25th

If you are planning on a major purchase, a condo or a house, there is no maximum amount for opening an account.

Annual interest rate will be between 0.25% to 0.98% p.a.

The average annual interest rate depends on the deposit amount.

• For deposit amounts up to 100,000 baht: 0.25% p.a.

• For deposit amounts between 100,001 – 3,000,000 baht: 1.00% p.a.

(average 0.25% – 0.98%)

• For deposit amounts over 3 million baht: 0.25% p.a.

(average 0.98% – 0.25%)

The account is for one person only.

• Jad-Tem Account cannot be used as an ATM card.

• For e-passbooks – customers must provide their e-mail address for opening accounts. This is to receive e-mails and e-statements.

• Limited to one customer per account

• Fees are paid after two withdrawals in each calendar month

• Unlimited deposits/withdrawals/fund transfers 24/7 via all SCB banking outlets

• The withdrawal fee is waived for the first two withdrawals in each calendar


There is an account maintenance fee.


But watch out –

• Accounts with zero balance and inactive for over 12 consecutive months will be closed by the Bank.

Now, what do you need?

An ID card (A foreigner can use a passport and work permit). Or if you are here as a government official your Employee Card.

SCB EZ – Non-Passbook Savings Account with Mobile Banking service. Receive 1.5% interest on deposits of 1,000,000 Baht.

Deposit Amount 1-1,000,000 Baht – interest rate 0.50%

more than 1,000,000 Baht – Interest Rate 1.50%

It is an easy account to open; you need only 500 baht.

You can withdraw and transfer through SCB ATM with SCB EASY APP.

No need to carry a passbook

As it is an E-PASSBOOK account, there is no need to carry a passbook.

The Best Account For Children And Teenagers


UOB does not offer as many branches as the others, this could be a problem for you and your children. They offer 2% which is better than the adults get.

The account is limited to 600,000 Baht.

A marvelous way for youngsters to start saving.


I said 6 saving schemes, here is a bonus one!



CIMB Thai was founded in 1998, it grew fast from its start as Bank Thai. It is now in the top ten commercial banks. The banking crisis led to fourteen small banks joining and forming CIMB.

Their services include:

Banking products and services

Investment banking

Equities brokerage

Research coverage

Asset management

Can you open an account with CIMB?

To get high-interest savings with unlimited withdrawal.

This account may interest temples, mosques or churches

But, the smallest opening deposit is 100,000 baht

It can be in one person’s name

What you must show

A copy of your national ID card or any ID card with a photo issued by a government department.

Thai Banks and Saving Schemes

Thai banks offer saving schemes. Thailand has thirty licensed banks, six are state-owned.

The Bank of Thailand regulates the banking system. The central bank heads two kinds of financial institutions.

Namely, non-depository corporations and depository corporations.

The regulations to open an account vary if you are Thai or a person from overseas. For a Thai it is easy, you need a Thai id, and that is it unless you have been made bankrupt.

As a foreigner, you will need varying papers. Depending on which bank and what investment you need.

You have worked hard for your money, the banks and the government want to keep it safe – and work for you.