Voyager vs. Gemini – Which is Better for You? [2022]

It has been a tough year for cryptocurrency. The past few months have seen several cryptocurrencies take a big hit in value. The stablecoins, Terra and Luna, lost almost all of their value in May, while Bitcoin lost about 58% of its value. This volatility has seen reputable crypto exchanges suffer tremendously from the financial meltdown of the volatile cryptocurrency market. Voyager has not been left out of this debacle. On Friday, July 1, the company suspended all withdrawals, trading, and deposits, joining other crypto lending platforms, Celsius Network and Vauld.

You might wonder why we are writing this article given the obvious troubles faced by one of them. However, Voyager might not be down and out just yet. The company, on July 3, stated that it had $1.3Bn in crypto-assets and over $350 million cash in the bank. Last week, it also secured a $500 million credit line from Alameda Ventures. And to reassure customers, Voyager opened withdrawals for transactions submitted before the suspension. We considered all these factors in the comparison between Voyager and Gemini.

Before recent events, Voyager and Gemini were two of the most recommended cryptocurrency platforms for beginners, experienced traders, and investors. They both offer advanced security features to protect their customers’ assets from hackers and fraudsters.

While Voyager’s commission-free trading and a whopping sign-up bonus offer of $25 will entice new traders, Gemini also has nice offers like the free wire transfer and the 10 free monthly withdrawals on each crypto.

Also, there is a secret $50 BTC offer from Gemini that not many people are aware of. You just need 500$ worth of trade to qualify for $50 BTC- here we are leaving the link for $50 trade bonus.

Ultimately, the choice depends on what you consider more important to you. While Gemini might be better for active professional traders, Voyager offers more rewards to investors and has lower trading fees, but it is not available for users from New York or anywhere outside the United States. Of course, due to recent events, you can’t sign up on Voyager until they lift the suspension on trading and registration.

Which Has Less Fees – Voyager or Gemini?

Gemini charges transaction and spread fees between $0.99 to $2.99 for transactions between $10 to $200, and 1.49% for transactions above $200. They also charge 3.49% debit or credit card transfers and a 0.50% convenience fee.

Voyager stands out among its competitors due to its 100% commission-free trades. You might ask how they make money if they don’t charge their users commission on trades. According to them, the zero-commission charge is possible because of their dynamic Smart Order Router which takes advantage of price discrepancies in the cryptocurrency market to offer users the best prices on trades.

Simply put, Voyager compares prices on twelve leading crypto platforms and trades using the best available price. When you place an order, Voyager uses its smart order router to execute the trade at a better price, thereby saving you money. It then takes a percentage of the profit and offers the rest to the user. This way, both Voyager and the user make a profit from the trade.

Although this ultimately means Voyager charges a certain percentage of your profit, their fees are lower than Gemini’s fees.

Which Has the Best Sign-up Bonus Offers – Voyager or Gemini?

Both Voyager and Gemini have mouthwatering sign-up bonus offers. As a new member, if you sign up on Gemini using a current member’s referral link or code and trade $500 within the first 30 days, you will receive $50 in Bitcoin.

As for Voyager, new members who trade $100 after signing up through a current member’s referral link will receive $25 in Bitcoin.

If you had only one choice, then Gemini offers the best Sign-up Bonus offer. But why limit yourself to just one bonus when you can benefit from the two offers by signing up on both platforms.

Which Offers the Best Yields – Voyager or Gemini?

One of Voyager’s greatest selling points is its rewards program where you can earn up to 12% annually on over half of its digital assets. If you buy and hold specific cryptocurrency tokens, you will earn rewards based on the token you hold.

The reward depends on some factors, including a certain minimum monthly balance. And you will earn your rewards, which arrive monthly, in the cryptocurrency token you are holding.

Gemini’s Annual Percentage Yield (APY) varies based on coin type. Through Gemini Earn, you can receive between 0.5% and 8.05% APY, depending on your cryptocurrency.

Of the two platforms, Voyager offers the best yield.

Which Is More Trustworthy – Voyager or Gemini?​

For every investor, the safety and security of their asset are always at the top of their priority. To build trust with customers, the safety and security of assets must be guaranteed. No matter how profitable or mouthwatering the deals offered by a cryptocurrency exchange, people won’t invest or trade there if they can’t guarantee the security of their assets.

Luckily, these two platforms have done everything to keep their platform very secure. As hackers and fraudsters continue to try to penetrate the security measures of cryptocurrency platforms, Voyager and Gemini have managed to ensure the security of their users’ assets through their advanced security features. Both platforms are licensed and undergo regular auditing. They also keep their users’ assets in cold storage offline, and their customers’ assets are insured by FDIC up to $250,000.

However, we can’t ignore recent events where Voyager suspended trading, withdrawals, and deposits. Although the company insists that it is only a minor setback, customers have been unable to access the funds in their accounts. For this reason, Gemini is our choice for the most trustworthy platform.

What Advantages Does Gemini Have over Voyager?

Gemini offers a more hands-on trading experience. With Gemini ActiveTrader, you can access active charts and deep order books to provide you with the best trading experience. Unlike Voyager where you are not as involved with the trading, Gemini is a professional trader’s dream.

Another advantage Gemini has over Voyager is the free wire transfer. Unlike Voyager which charges a flat fee of about $50 per transaction for all wire transfers, Gemini does not charge you anything.

Gemini also prides itself on being one of the most secure cryptocurrency platforms out there. Although Voyager’s security is also close to, if not on par with, Gemini when it comes to security.

Also, unlike Voyager, which charges a dynamic fee for each withdrawal, Gemini allows up to 10 free withdrawals for each cryptocurrency per month. However, the fees are high for the 11th withdrawal.

Gemini has a mobile application for iOS and Android users and a website available to all its users for trading, while Voyager only has a mobile application. The desktop application was, however, made available for beta testing to a select group of users in the United States.

The most significant advantage Gemini holds over Voyager is that while Gemini is available for operation in more than 60 countries across 6 continents, Voyager is only available in the United States, with the exception of New York.

What Advantages Does Voyager Have over Gemini?

Voyager’s zero commission on trades is perhaps the biggest advantage it holds over Gemini or any other cryptocurrency platform. Since Voyager makes its money by charging a small percentage when it helps customers save money by using its Smart Order Router to execute trades at better prices, it is understood that their gain is not at the user’s expense. It is a win-win situation for both parties.

Like Gemini, Voyager is a secure platform that has stood the test of time and avoided any significant security breach due to its world-class security features.

Voyager might be more appealing to new users because of its sign-up bonus offer of $25 in Bitcoin for any new user who joins through an active user’s referral link or code and trades $100.

On the other hand, not many people know about Gemini’s sign-up bonus offer of $50 in Bitcoin for any new user who joins trades $500.

All in all Gemini is the superior Crypto Platform with better reputation and sign-up offers.

Also given, Voyager’s recent suspension on trades and withdrawals is a huge blemish on its good record. We advise you to stay away from it until things return to normal.