What’s a Checkout Link on FreshBooks?

On busy days, we don’t always have the time to dive into the paperwork and send out professional invoices. But we still need to get paid right? That’s the secret behind FreshBook’s Checkout Link; it creates simple and quick payment transactions, for both you and your client.

Using Checkout Links, you can collect payments online through any of the available methods on FreshBooks, without the need of an invoice. Create limitless links and share them on your social channels for your products or services you’re selling. You can reuse a Checkout Link as many times as you want until you decide to deactivate or delete it when you’re done.

How to Create a Checkout Link on FreshBooks?

Head to the FreshBooks app and sign into your account.

1. Click on the ‘More’ tab (3-dots icon) at the bottom right and go to Checkout Links

2. Press on the ‘+’ sign and it will direct you to create a new Checkout Link

3. Add an online payment method such as PayPal or Debit/Credit Card

If you want to learn more about online payments, then check out our article on how to connect your PayPal on FreshBooks.

4. Add an Item

This is the product or service you are charging.
You can create a new item or choose an existing one from your item history.
Add a description to the item and taxes if applicable.

P.S. You can only add one item.

5. Choose the currency (if you want to change your default currency).

6. Save your Checkout Link by pressing the save button on the top right.

7. Click on the β€˜Preview’ to check out what your Checkout Link looks like to your client.

8. Share your Checkout Link.

You have multiple ways to share your link, click on:

  • β€˜Copy Link’ to paste it on any platform or website.
  • β€˜Share link’ to directly send it via email, WhatsApp, etc…
  • ‘QR code’ to generate one for your clients to directly scan and pay.
  • β€˜Send to client’ and choose one from your client list on FreshBooks. It will send the link through the email saved on their profile.

9. Click on ‘Pause Link’ to inactivate your Checkout Link.

If you’re out of stock or not accepting more business, then you can stop receiving payments for the product or service.

Later on, you can go back to the Checkout Link and activate it by pressing on ‘Activate Link’.

You can always edit your Checkout Link through the pencil icon at the top right.

Also, you can permanently delete it by going to the 3-dots icon on the top right corner and clicking ‘delete’.

Checkout Link vs Invoice

Checkout Links are a way to swiftly collect payment for items with set prices. While an invoice is an official record of the work done on a specific product or service provided.

You can add multiple items on an invoice, along with a description, notes and terms. It is a great way to follow up on your payment as it is customized and targeted to one client.

If you want to learn more about invoices, then check out our article on How to Create an Invoice on FreshBooks.

A Checkout Link is less complex as it only contains one item and price. You can use this link whether you’re marketing products on a website, collecting a deposit, or selling tickets for an event.

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