What’s Time Tracking on FreshBooks?

No, we’re not talking about setting alarms and to-do lists. Time Tracking is a feature on FreshBooks that allows you to record and manage the hours spent on a job or project. Are you a freelance lawyer? A website creator? Private math tutor? Whatever your business is, your time is money, and FreshBooks is there to help you keep track of both!

How to Use Time Tracking on FreshBooks?

Head to the Time Tracking tab at the bottom, and click on the green β€˜+’ sign to start.

You can track time using 2 options:

1. Click on ‘Time Entry’: to manually enter a time session

Edit the entry by clicking on the time ‘1h 00m’ or using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs.

p.s. The current date and starting time will be set for your manual entry.

If you want to change it, click on the date and time under β€˜starting’ and choose which one you want to edit.

2. Click on ‘Timer’: to record time on the spot

Once you press on timer, it will automatically start a stopwatch.

You can press the pause button if you’re taking a break, and then press the play button to resume.

p.s. The timer will remain going even if you leave or close the application.

So don’t worry if you accidently closed the FreshBooks app. You can go back to the time-tracking tab, and find the on-going session at the bottom of the entries.

After choosing a Time Tracking option, complete the following steps:

  • Add a Client from the first row of suggestions (above ‘Add Project’)

Choose ‘Internal’ if the time entry is for your own reference.
Choose a client if applicable (especially if you are planning on billing the time tracked later on).
Click on a client from the suggested ones or on ‘More’ to open your full clientele list.
Learn more on How to Add a Client and Manage Clients on FreshBooks

  • Add a Project name (Learn How to Create a Project and Manage Projects on FreshBooks)
  • Add the Service provided
  • Fill out the Notes with more details such as tasks completed
  • Enable the Mark as Billable option if you are planning on invoicing the time entry to your client.

Click on ‘Log Time’ to save your Time Tracking session

You can swipe left and right to see your time entry records from previous or upcoming days.

Go to any time entry in order to edit it, or press on β€˜delete entry’ to permanently remove it from your history.

How to Invoice a Time Tracking Entry to a Client?

If you have marked your Time Tracking entry as billable, then head to the Invoices tab at the bottom.

Click on the green β€˜+’ sign to create a new Invoice

Choose your online payment method.
(If you did not enable any form of online payment yet, check out How to Connect to PayPal on FreshBooks)

Add a client

Choose the same client you have marked as billable to in your time entry.

Add a line

Choose the time entry: β€œ– h — m of unbilled time”, which will be at the top of the list.

If the client has more than one time entry in your records, all of them will be added.

If you have more things to charge your client with, you can add additional products or services from your items list to the same invoice.

Add a Rate

Click on the time entry added to the invoice, and press on ‘edit’.

At the rate section, add the price you are charging per hour.

The quantity is automatically filled according to the time of entry.
For example, if your time entry was 1 hour and 45 minutes, quantity will be ‘1.75’.

Then the total amount of your invoice will be calculated accordingly.

Complete your Invoice and share it with your Client

If you want to learn more about invoices, check out our guide on How to Create an Invoice on FreshBooks.

Time Tracking on FreshBooks

FreshBooks does not provide a pro time tracking feature with many options. Fortunately, it created a list of advanced apps that you can use to track time and sync it with FreshBooks at the same time.
You can check out the list of apps here.

Meanwhile, for startups, freelancers and minimal businesses, FreshBooks will do the job. It provides an affordable time tracking capability that is simple and enough to fulfills their financial needs.

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