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Everyone loves a bargain, but once they hit their 60s, many people in NSW forget to take advantage of one of the best deals on offer – the NSW Senior Card or Senior Savers Card.

Even if you’re not retired from the workforce, it’s worth checking to see if you’re eligible for a senior card. This is because, in many states, rules allow you to do paid work and still receive a card.

Obtaining a Senior Card gives you access to valuable shipping discounts and discounts from participating businesses on a wide range of services and services and goods.

What benefits are available?

NSW Senior Card benefit

With an NSW Seniors Card, you can access many discount offers. This includes generous public transport and government concessions in some states.

The discounts available at participating businesses vary widely, and many of the benefits relate to vacations, travel, and hospitality. There are also discounts on everyday items such as car services, necessities, recreational and professional services.

While discounted offers are available year-round at participating businesses, some states also offer limited-time promotions. That means it’s a good idea to check your state’s senior card website regularly for current offers and promotions.

Who can apply for an NSW Senior Citizens Card or Senior Savings Card?

  • 60 years or older
  • Holder of a Medicare green card or DVA
  • NSW Senior Savings Card: you worked more than 20 hours a week in paid employment or 1,040 hours over 12 months
  • NSW Seniors Card: you work more than 20 hours per week in paid employment (12 months on average)
  • Permanent resident in New South Wales

How do I apply for an NSW Seniors Card or Senior Savings Card?

  • Apply online with a Medicare green card
  • Call 13 77 88
  • Visit the NSW Service Center

What government benefits are available with an NSW Seniors Card or Senior Savings Card?

NSW Senior Citizens cardholders only:

Transport Concessions:

  • Sydney: $2.50 for unlimited daily travel on rail, bus, most ferries, and light rail on the Opal network with the Gold Opal Senior/Retired Card
  • Cardholders are entitled to a one-time subsidized entry fee of $13.54 at Sydney Airport Station.
  • You must have your senior card with you to prove your entitlement.
  • Concession includes public transportation to the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Hunter, Illawarra, and Southern Highlands.
  • NSW Regional: Concession fee for regional TrainLink services: $2.50 for train tickets for in-country retirement travel and bus tickets for daily regional travel
  • Across Australia: Public transport concession fares may apply in other states and territories.

Other NSW Government Grants:

  • A free NSW photo card for seniors without a valid NSW driving license
  • Discounted will safely deposit fee with NSW Trustee and Guardian. 
  • Reduced access to the Australian Museum, and WEA courses

What discounts can you get with an NSW Seniors Card or Seniors Saver Card?

  • Directory with downloadable regional discounts
  • Lists of printed regional discounts are available from Australia Post stores, NSW Service Centres, MPs offices, and participating municipalities and libraries.
  • Monthly electronic newsletter and Facebook community
  • More than 7,300 participating companies
  • Mutual rights in other states
  • Special offers and contests
  • Downloadable Senior Card Application: 

Heading Interstate? Travel with your NSW Senior Card

If you are traveling interstate, it is a good idea to bring your NSW Senior Card with you, as most participating companies will accept Senior Cards issued by other territories and states.

In most territories and states, you can also access reduced transit fares offered to seniors by showing your senior card issued by your home state. For example, Interstate Seniors cardholders visiting ACT can show their card or apply for a MyWay Interstate Seniors Card to receive a subsidy fee similar to ACT Seniors.

Always check the NSW Senior Card website rules before traveling.

For example, to qualify for subsidized travel fares in New South Wales, Interstate Senior (except ACT) cardholders should apply three to four weeks before travel to receive a Gold Senior/Retired Opal card from the NSW government. 

Suppose you have a Commonwealth Senior Health Card (CSHC), Queensland Senior Corporate Discount Card, National Senior Card, NSW Senior Savings Card, or New Zealand SuperGold Card. In such instances, you are not eligible for an NSW Gold Seniors/Withdrawal Opal.

Traveling Abroad? Prepare your Senior Card.

By mutual agreement with the New Zealand government, senior Australian state cardholders can access discounts from thousands of participating businesses through the New Zealand SuperGold Card scheme.

This agreement does not include state or nationally funded programs such as free overtime public transport available to SuperGold cardholders in New Zealand. 

It may also be useful to take the senior card with you if you travel to Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore, and Canada as many overseas companies will accept senior cards from Australian states if they offer reduced rates for their seniors.

Last Words

Your NSW Senior Card is valid for life and does not need to be renewed.

If your NSW Senior Card is damaged, lost, or stolen, contact the state agency for a replacement.

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